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Trailering a Herdbound Horse

Overcoming Headshyness: Desensitizing the horse's ears

(non-aggressive) Nipping Stallion

Horse Jumping Question

Training a young (7 month) filly which is putting her ears back

What is a 'Neck Rope'?

Horse is throwing it's head... Is it 'bull-headedness'?

Can't Catch 'em?

Horses are crankly when being blanketed

Arabian Mare Doesn't Listen to my Requests

Need help catching an 8 month old filly

Help with Penis Extension

Horse puts his ears back and nips

Mystery equine behavior: Horse keeps returning to the same place

Nippy gelding

Training to Jump (purchasing a younger horse)

Shaking Horse

Dealing with Mares (and foals)

Nervous Horse

Behavior change in young filly

A Lazy Bully?

Horse Bites Baby's Foot

Head throwing when stopped

Nipping Yearling Colt

Aggressive towards other horses

My Ex Racehorse

Life with Horses

Horses and Parades

Horse puts his head on top of mine

7 month old colt that is pushy and nips

Appy refuses to trust me

Numerous issues with a rescued horse

Do you really need a stallion?

Stallion with aggressive behavior at me

New Horse for Us

Biting, Please Help!

Round Pen Dimensions

8 Month Old Filly that Nips

Mares and Geldings Together (good or not good)

Won't stand still!

Body Paint for Horses

Horse's Energy

Opening Ceremonies Suggestions

Perplexing Behavior (Mare mourning foal?)

I saved a horse. Now I need saving!

He doesn't want to lead by the bridle.

Horse problems on a long line & more

Horse panics when he can't see herd

Problem with a stallion

Trained horse develops problems

Trained horse develops problems

3 year old quarter mare resisting forward movement

Fearful about other horses and arenas

Help with Ex-Racehorse

Horse won't take the bit

Yielding His Foot

Haltering Filly

Bridling Problems (3 year old quarter horse)

Mare Behavior

4 year old thoroughbred bites and herds pasture mate.

National Show Horse with an Attitude?

Lazy Carriage Pony

My Nippy Horse

Issues in the Stall

Normal stud colt?

Weaning Questions

Cribbing and other questions

Horse herding me?

Lazy Horse

Bucking troubles!

Aggressive Geldings

Problems with new Arabian mare

Aggressive squealing and kicking

Licking us all over

Is this the right2 horse for me?

How do I get my horse to trust and show affection towards me?

New Horse Blues

My Horse Runs Over Me

Cannot Trust Mare

Body Painting & More

What to do with a nippy colt

Companion Animals for Horses

Head tossing...not accepting bit

Mare behaves badly around feeding time

Moody Mare

Trailer Loading Problems

New Horse. Help!

Mare is too smart

Spoiled Horse

Spooky Ex-Racehorse

Tight Horse Won't Canter

Unpredictable horse

(Another) Trailer Loading Problem

Arabian/quarter horse mare

Head Throwing Filly

New Horse for 12 and 13 year olds

To Geld or Not to Geld, That is the question.

Love, Trust & Horses

Colt Handling Blues

Developing Problems With New Appy

Overcoming Fear (For Humans and Horses) & More fearful rider


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