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The Fundamentals of Elegant Horsemanship

Private & Semi-Private Training Opportunities with
Franklin Levinson and Ilona Staikou

About the Program

greek riding adventuresFranklin and Ilona have created these programs for all aspiring equestrians, those desiring to train horses on the ground as well as under saddle, trail (free) riders, competitive riders and any and all who love horses and desire to gain knowledge and wisdom of this magnificent animal.

The 'Fundamentals of Elegant Horsemanship' program has, as its basis, the gracefulness, skill and ease of authentic classical riding, the gentle, yet highly effective training methods of natural horsemanship, the well-rounded equine knowledge of Holistic Horsemanship and the desire by the creators and presenters that this course be as successful and fun for the horses involved as well as for the human participants.

Programs are individually designed to suit the needs and desires of the participants. Participants can bring in their own horses or use those available at the facility (boarding is available). Classes are offered as private or semi-private with the purpose of providing as much individual attention to students as possible. Participation is by advance registration only. Program duration will be adjusted to suit the time and budget constraints of each participant. Obviously, the more time a student can put in the faster the progress.

It must be remembered that gaining knowledge of and proficiency with horses should be considered a life-long endeavor. However, with the exclusive and private/semi-private nature of these programs with Franklin and Ilona, a higher level of efficiency with the training and advancement of the student is a far greater possibility.

Even working one day with Franklin & Ilona will significantly advance a persons knowledge and skill with horses. Some courses will be offered over a 6 and 12 month period depending on the desires and availability of participants. English as well as western riding teaching and training is available.

The integrity and expertise of this teaching couple is the best to be found anywhere. Students can be very confident they are receiving lessons, training and information of the highest order and the most valuable.

About Your Instructors

Franklin Levinson is recognized as one of the most sought after Horse Whisperers, trainers and natural horsemanship style clinicians operating in Europe. His background shows nearly 50 years as a professional horseman, published authority on training horses, authority on Equine Facilitated Learning and internationally recognized clinician. His wife, Ilona Staikou, herself a professional trainer for 25 years, for many years ran her own riding program in Budapest, Hungary and for 15 years taught at the prestigious Hellenic Riding Academy in Athens.

For information and registration details please contact Franklin directly:
Phone: +30 695 947 8828,
Email: franklin@WayoftheHorse.org