Participant Comments

Its been a real great weekend in the sunshine meeting lovely people and a certain person I have been wanting to meet for a long time a certain Mr Franklin Levinson. Everything about Franklin says Calm and he has a certain serenity and wisdom that is just "there". I learnt many valuable lessons probably too many to go into tonight . but I think I realized that even though I think I can speak some horse language I am very much a beginner, I need to remember to breath, connect with the horse, let go of any ego and agenda and learn to enjoy being in the moment whilst developing much better self awareness. Its all about developing trust with your horses and that can be achieved if your communication is clear. If its clear then you can learn to begin the learn the dance... so thank you to Franklin and everybody I had the pleasure to meet this weekend. If you get the chance to meet Franklin grab it with both hands..
.Amanda Stears.
Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar. I was so looking forward to meeting you. Two days was just not enough. I learnt so much, not only about horses but about myself. That was totally unexpected. You have a rare quality of connection...not only with horses but also with humans.
Kim White..UK
Franklin Levinson brings calm common sense logic reason belief and learning and the SUN. An inspirational guiding of minds both equine and human,Thank you Franklin Levinson for opening my mind and eyes to the the wise peace giving logic and understanding, that is you! Not just a guide to horses or ourselves but a philosophy for living too.
Kharon Nakielny
I have enjoyed reading both volumes of Trust ‘n’ Horses and will be reading them again many times.  I am also enjoying reading your essays.
I have had a wonderful day with my horses - just hanging out on the yard with them dozing in the sunshine and was very honoured that they chose to move over to rest with me where I was relaxing.   I really went down to ride but put this off until later.  Your words of wisdom have already helped us.
I hope you are having a great time there as I understand you are running several clinics - you have certainly been blessed with the weather.   Perhaps if you are able to come back to England on another occasion I will be able to come along. Kate
Dear Franklin, It is a pleasure to read your words.  I have enjoyed reading both volumes of Trust n Horses and will be reading them again many times.  I am also enjoying reading your essays. Keep up the wonderful writing and teaching. Best wishes, Kate
Trust 'n' Horses is a treasure! Very clear. Very easy to use. Lots of ideas on how to bring more understanding into the horse - human partnership.”
Alexandra Lalieu:
Clinic comments: "Equestrian and Rider Trainer Franklin Levinson spent an hour and a half working with my American Paint, HESA BIT CLOUDY and I in the arena. Within minutes we were traipsing over a large tarp, sauntering over a platform and curiously pushing an oversized ball. Mr. Levinson was encouraging, supportive and attentive to the winning qualities of both my horse and this rider. Since his focus was constant and his observations specific, I asked him looking forward what he recommended to work on. His suggestion was spot-on to helping me and Cloud advance to the next level of better horsemanship."
Anesa Cronin
I learned so much from Franklin Levinson this weekend at his beyond natural horsemanship clinic in Truckee, California. Franklin taught me the joys and benefits of being playful with your horse. Not only were the riders laughing with glee while working on some very fun exercises, but the horses were clearly having a lot of fun as well. The horses' movements were more purposeful and eager. These fun games came after a full day of relationship building- Franklin emphasized one's intent with a horse. Be confident (but respectful) when you ask your horse to do something. You will have a more trusting, willing horse if you demonstrate intent. Lead and ride your horse with purpose, be aware of your body language signals and know that a horse will read your uncertainty. So look where you are going! Your horse will follow. Most importantly, Franklin wanted riders to leave their expectations at the gate. Work with your horse where he/she is, not where you want him/her to be. Interestingly, this advice yielded the best results! We were all impressed with how the horses improved in their willingness to do as their riders asked. And the riders, more receptive to their horses, rode with better form and effectiveness.
Mary Sevanna
"Franklin, I am pleased as punch I met you and audited your Truckee clinic. I have a lot more to share with horse folks about your positive, empowering methods, but for now I wish to say this: you have given me the tools to reconnect with my horse in a more playful, confident way and with deeper understanding and intent." ..
Mary Savannah, CA
Wow! Feeling incredibly grateful for having had the privilege of spending a few wonderful and inspiring days with Franklin Levinson. He truly embodies and represents the kind of ethical and conscious horsemanship I respect and appreciate. Think I'm going to try and sneak a few days off so that I can catch his Truckee clinic on Nov 2nd and 3rd. Hoping this will be his first visit of many to work with our Northern California horse community. .
Ariel Cotrell, CA
I would just like to say a big thank you to you for holding the Franklin Levinson Clinic at Broadacres Stables, Tadcaster and giving me the opportunity to bring my 2 year old along for a lesson.
As you know, four of us attended from our yard; we enjoyed the interesting practical demonstration on the Thursday evening with the 'pushy' horse (who was so much more trusting after half an hour with Franklin). We enjoyed being given the chance to ask questions which was a good learning opportunity.
On Friday, watching other people's lessons and chatting with Franklin over lunch was a fabulous experience
My lesson with Franklin showed me how to loose school my youngster in such a way as to to gain her trust and confidence. Franklin showed me a different approach to handling her. It was quite an amazing experience and I am already seeing the improvement between us.
What was really nice about Franklin was he never tried to sell any thing- just showed us his way and we could take from it what we wanted and we all felt we took something positive from it.
We would love to attend another Franklin Levinson clinic and would recommend it to any one else.
..Take the time to go to Franklin's clinics if you ever get the chance. To work with this soft spoken man and to listen and observe what he does and how he treats horses is not only inspirational but has taught me so very, very much. Because it's not about how we train horses but how we connect and relate to horses and this translates to people too. Franklin's essays are easy to read and full of information. To read his work is to hear him talk. I am waiting for him to return to Australia. I can only say a heartfelt thank you to this man for giving me real skills in horsemanship and it comes back to that word "breathe".

To Franklin, when you read this I can only say "Thanks mate and my big fella Alby says hello!"
Lynne Koene, Australia
...Your FB posts are like street signs, as they remind us where we are and show us the direction to go, if we are so inclined. You get us thinking of things we had not considered before, or show an alternate route to our destination. I appreciate brevity when I am doing chores and have bits of waiting time here and there...and a smartphone in my hand. Then I can ask the horses' opinion right away! LOL Thank you for all you do to teach us.
Heather Bartlett Roman, New York
...Franklin is one of life's rare and gifted people who gives so much of himself and has real heart. It is this uniqueness in Franklin which makes him so successful and effective in mentoring people and horses. Coupled with his lifelong experience with horses he inspires you, he enables you, he shares his incredible knowledge with you openly; he asks you to question what you know but he listens as well...
Fiona C Sankey