Reviews from Readers

of Franklin's E-Book: Trust 'n Horses


What a lovely book! I haven't been able to put it down, but I thought I should stop and send this thank you. It is certainly inspiring me already, as the ideas are so close to my heart. More and more I'm finding that there are so many better ways to be with horses than the traditional 'Show them who's boss' mentality. I have many friends who still need to be convinced, however, so work like yours needs to be out there. Maggie

"I read the first volume of trust n horses. Fantastic insight to how any person can understand and apply techniques, that build a great bond. I have an OTTTB, he has been very nervous and not easy to catch. From reading the volume, I have learnt how to get Herbie interested in me. He now comes up to the fence to see me and doesn't walk off when I'm catching him. I'm building trust and respect that I didn't think would happen between us. I really loved the volume and will continue reading to gain a greater understanding of horses all round. I thank you for taking the time to share this with me and anyone else that reads the ebook.

Keep up the great work for the rest of us to learn. It's much appreciated." LS

You write with great clarity and insight about the path I attempt to follow, in my low-key and amateur way J. I never tire of hearing the message in many different voices, and am thankful that we seem to be in a period where a lot of co-operation over domination practitioners are putting out the word, and being heard by many. Shaunna


Franklin Levinson's "Trust-n-Horses" provides invaluable insight into the psychology of the horse for the beginner and experienced rider alike. What Levinson explains is that all horses, curious, highly sensitive and extremely alert as they are, are ready to become our willing companions if treated properly with the respect they deserve. He points out that patience and non-threatening behavior is essential to gain the all-important horse's trust. Consequently, we students with an hour, or so, lesson ahead of us must eliminate the idea that our school horse can be kick-started into action like a motorbike. However, if we demonstrate kindness and respect, that same horse will turn to us to be that leader it's longing for.

I wish I had had Levinson's advice when I began riding ten years ago.

Wes Johnson, Athens, Greece.
US Diplomatic Corps Retired.

I read through your entire book and loved it! Your wisdom is impeccable, your heart open, and everything you said resonated deeply. Thank you for all the experience you have gained that you are sharing with your students and readers, and for your compassion and kindness to animals. I'm sure that anyone who wishes to relate to any animal can and will benefit, and of course the animals they love. I look forward to the book getting out there and touching and inspiring lots of people. Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen, author

I just finished reading Franklin Levinson's new e-book Trust N Horses. I loved it! He put words on horsemanship I believe in, and he's great at it. He mixes a lifetime of experience with horses, with interesting stories (examples from his life), that answer the question WHY? What happens if I do it this way?


The title of his book Trust N Horses, says everything about the kind of horsemanship Franklin prefers. Franklin's philosophy is for the wellbeing of the horse. One of the benefits doing things in a way the horse can understand it's a beautiful relationship, a wonderful experience with your horse. It's definitely the safest way of spending time with a horse as well.

Franklin collects a lifetime's of wisdom, into an easy to read e-book. It covers many different aspects in our life with horses, from scratch (building a long lasting relationship); from Learning to be with horses (chapter 2), too (Chapter 5) Five tips for getting that new horse to love you.

The horse stories he includes in the book, touches one's heart, and shows that there's hope for any horse/human relationship – if we're open to learn how to speak Equus. Communicate in a way the horse can understand, and create a safe place for the horse.

I can highly recommend this book to everyone who would like to improve their horsemanship skills. It doesn't matter if you just started with horses, or admired them your whole life, like I have.

Franklin has food for thoughts, on all levels.

One of the things that fascinate me personally with horses is that I realize how much I have to learn, on a daily basis. I haven't had any other passion that lasted since I was 2years old. Have you?

For me it's probably because there's always room for improvements. Before I get too old, I would like to see exactly how far I can take a relationship with a horse. I would like to see how well I can refine my communication, with one specific horse. And what kind of possibilities that relationship would open up. This is not something that I'm planning to make a lot of money doing. I would like to learn more for myself, and for the sake of the horses I meet.

Maria Northcutt


I loved the book. I hope there are more to come.

Jeanie Hamlett Specht  

I am crying as I read this lovely book. I just can't believe what you have done and learned. My parents told me many of the same things you are writing about "Pete" in your ebook Trust 'n Horses.


My mother had a loving and gentle hand as she trained "Pinto." My dad would get so upset because he couldn't catch Pinto in the pasture to go for a ride. Dad would have to come in the house and say, "Melba, go catch Pinto he just will not let me get close to him." He was of course grouchy and the pinto knew that.

I would see mother go out and walk right up to pinto talking to him all the time. Touching him gently on the behind slowly right up to his ears. Talking to him all the time she was approaching him to put the halter on. My dad just couldn't understand why he couldn't do that. Ha ha, well we know why!!!!

It made me cry reading your lovely story about Pete. I just had to tell you 'thanks so much' before i read any further.

I will go back now and read some more. I wish my dad and mother were here to read it. They passed away in 2003 and 2005. They would buy and pass out your book to all the people in Logan, Utah.

What a joy in my life to hear what you do. I would say you are doing such "good" for horses and people. What a joy for you.

Marlene, Logan UT

On completing this great ebook I thought: 'I have to get permission to add some of Franklin's great words to my Blog'. I have found Franklins words to be inspirational at the best of times but to read this ebook and be able to have his words to go back over to assist me if I feel in doubt about what I am doing or saying, to give me confidence in what I believe is heartwarming...


Franklin is able assist humans to listen to their horses and understand what they are 'saying'. If we are listening to our horses are we actually hearing them.

I have always believed horses are healing in their ways and that they have been misunderstood in their behaviour with humans. Franklin confirms my belief in that they are not naughty or bad horses just afraid and misunderstood.

I can recommend and encourage anyone wanting to learn more about themselves AND their horses to read Trust n Horses.

Since an early age I have always wanted to be with horses, my Mother told me my first proper sentence was something like "I want a horse". I remember every faithful friend I have been lucky enough to have in my care. I can't think of anything I would rather be doing with my days than caring for horses of all shapes, sizes and ages.

It is a goal of mine to assist humans to understand the benefits of horses. For myself, now aged in my 50's, I find I am still learning constantly, each horse has a new story to tell and a new way of approaching them. As long as we are able to learn for the better where horses are concerned, I will always yearn for a better understanding and approach.

Franklin, I am so grateful to you for putting into this book, Trust n Horses, your personal experiences and journey through life, your beliefs and understandings. I believe there is so much more to horses than riding and say so every chance I get. Your words resonate within my heart and soul. I look forward to Vol 2 and learning so much more.

Thank you again,

Vicki Benson- Australia

This is an excellent read and recommended for horsemen and women of every skill level.

Frank Bell  


Thank you for creating this book Trust n Horses! I especially loved reading about Sweet Pete, your affection for him reads loud and clear in your words, it's rather beautiful! I really appreciated that the book is about understanding the horse(s) and understanding the nature of the horse to better understand your nature with the horse. You are always saying start with the basics and I believe this book is a bible for those who want to do so. Start with the most vital yet often over looked element of horse training, the horse. I always enjoy reading, watching and listening to your words of wisdom as they inspire me to be better with my horse and everything i do. Thank you for sharing this book with me. I will recommend it to everyone! It will be my bible! After all Everyone needs something to believe in.

Love Jessie

really enjoyed reading it, Franklin. Your stories and insights. Reading this was kind of a meditation of sorts...leaving me with an overall "way" instead of a hard and fast "to do" list. I am sure I will read it many more times.

Heather Roman

Franklin Levinson and I have been the closest of friends for over 20 years and he has remained an important teacher of mine. He has helped me to let of any residual fear that a horse will necessarily hurt me.

I have watched him transform the lives of children with cancer, business men and women and people from all walks of life.

He helps all who witness his teachings to be more gentle, kind, compassionate, patient with ourselves and others and that our relationship with horses can carry through to human relations and all of life. And above all, to be determined not to have thoughts, attitudes or actions that are hurtful to any others including ourselves.

May you enjoy the lessons this book will offer you.

Gerald G, Jampolsky, M.D.
Attitudinal Healing International

...You know how it felt to me? Not like reading an ordinary book. But as if you are trying to pass your inheritance/legacy, as if you are not only sharing knowledge and experience, but actually establishing a true and permanent connection with all of us who seek for inspiration and motivation to be and become better horsemen and women...not only by trying to understand the horse but understand the horse through you.. through the way you proved it works best for both horses and people. It is so... "Franklin"..and that's what makes the difference into it. Passing on not just words and techniques but actual and true wisdom. I think that is what most horsemen lack, wisdom.

That's what it feels like to me and I love it! Cannot wait to get my hands on it (hard copy) and of course i want my own signed copy! Please consider translating it into Greek too!!

Love, K

...It is truly an art to reach the heart of the reader in a manner that also offers guidance and practical approaches to common challenges, be they in life or with a horse. In Trust n Horses, Franklin brings his lifetime of experience with horses to all of us, and we are the better for it. Perhaps more importantly, so are our horses.

Dr. Lee Jampolsky


“Get it....brilliant, moving and I feel as though Franklin is speaking directly to me”. Chevvie W.