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The Maui Horse Whisperer Experience®

Mother Horse with FoalA "Horse Whisperer" is accurately a very astute horse listener. The term "whisperer" refers to the soft, gentle way the energy (i.e. communication) flows.

As we learn the language of the horse and begin to communicate with them, they help us see into ourselves at deeper and deeper levels. Horses can help us face our fears, learn about love, develop intuition, reveal self-defeating patterns and connect with our spiritual depth. And horses are always willing to assist us in our growth. The question is, are we willing to open and learn from our equine friends? For myself and many others, the answer is definitely "Yes!"

Roughly 15 years ago I created the first Equine Facilitated Learning Program in the Pacific Basin called “The Maui Horse Whisperer Experience.” This program continues on today provided by my good friend and associate there, Jill Fairchild.

The mission of The Maui Horse Whisperer Experience™ is the skillful use of the human-equine relationship to develop mindfulness, self-awareness and understanding toward the goal of enhancing the lives of those who participate in these fun, unique and extraordinary programs. Several programs have been developed for varied participants and applications. No matter who the specific program is designed for, we guarantee that every Maui Horse Whisperer Experience will be filled with beauty, insight, fun, laughter and growth. Simply put, our mission is to enhance the lives of all our participants, including the horses.

Super! What a great experience. The only problem is that it was one day. I would love to spend hours/days/months working with Jill, she has such an incredible wealth of knowledge. I would recommend this experience to anyone who loves horses or has an interest in them. Her mare and colt are fabulous animals. It was for me one of my all time best experiences in life. I would do it again and again. Thank you for connecting Jill and the Maui experience.
Mary Lou Grabosch



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The Maui Horse Whisperer Experience