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I travelled to Sicily for the first time in October 2009 to present a 2-day clinic at the Country Western House, a full-service equestrian centre situated in a beautiful, natural setting a few miles from Balestrate and Partinico. Founded in 2007, the Country Western House has become a proud focal point for the community. The centre offers horse boarding, riding lessons, horse breaking, equine therapy, informational clinics, and more.

This was my first seminar in the area and I must say it was very successful. The reception as well was warm and memorable. I hope to return many times in the future!

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What people are saying:

...Two days with you have flown, I've learned some important things but I wanted to learn so many other things ... I know that in 2 days it is not feasible, but my desire to know the horse is great, and there are few people who can give me information about these fantastic animals as you do!! The calm, patience and peace with which you communicate with  the horse must be an example to all those who do not behave well with them, or for people who simply do not understand, and I can assure you that there are many!
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Regional Resources

I have encountered a number of unique individuals and organizations during my most recent travels to Sicily and will try to add them here if I can locate them nline.

Country Western House
Full-service equestrian centre situated in Balestrate (Palermo), Sicily, Italy. Offers horse boarding, riding lessons, horse breaking, equine therapy, informational clinics and more.