Horsemanship Videos by Franklin Levinson

Trust-n-Horses E-Book SeriesFranklin travels internationally and around the US training horses and teaching his gentle, yet highly effective techniques of equine training and communication. He teaches at hunter/jumper farms (English disciplines), ranches that specialize in western styles of riding and training and equine rescue centers. Franklin’s focus is not a style of horsemanship, but rather a true understanding of the horse itself. Whether the participants are wearing breaches and high English boots or jeans and cowboy hats, the message of instilling feelings of peace and safety for and with the horse is the same.

It is Franklin's intention that you acquire the dvd that best suits your goals and desires. Some are better aimed toward beginners, while others will suit the more advanced horseperson. To that end Franklin has included his personal comments to help in your selection process. If you have a question please email Franklin directly and he will be happy to respond.

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Training Thru Trust DVD

introducing Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL)

"To be good with horses at a high level, we as humans
have to come forward with our best qualities and attributes."


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In this DVD, internationally acclaimed horseman, Franklin Levinson demonstrates how successful relationships with horses can be achieved through compassion, kindness, skillful precision, patience, clarity and real knowledge of great leadership.

Produced on one of his many U.K. tours, the clear step-by-step horse training methods demonstrated by Franklin in this unique DVD offers the possibility of communication with horses at the deepest level.

Duration: approx. 1 hour
Format: NTSC (USA & Canada) and PAL (Europe)
Price: $59.95 Now only $39.95 USD plus S&H

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Maypine FarM DVD's

Four-Disk Seminar Series. Purchase as a set, or individually.


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Disk (1) ‘SAVANNA’ (43:21 min.)

"Fearful and Nervous Horse"

~ Appropriate Round Pen Use
~ Lunging/Free Lunging
~ Calming a Nervous Horse
~ Small and Large Trailer Loading Techniques
~ Lead Line Use
~ Confidence Building
~ Consistency plus Attitude

Disk (2) ‘HARRY’ (37:00 min.)
"Pushy, Aggressive, violates personal space"
~ Lunging/Free Lunging
~ Establishing Leadership
~ Setting Boundaries
~ Developing Trust

Disk (3) ‘GOLDEN BOY’ (31:00 min.)
"Aggressive, Skin Sensitive, Cannot handle Hind Legs"
~ Lunging/Free Lunging
~ Establishing Trust
~ Desensitizing to Grooming
~ Feet Handling Techniques

DVDs $39.95 ea. Savanna Harry Golden Boy Trailer Loading 4-DISK SET $149.00 USD

DVDs $39.95 ea.

4-DISK SET $149.00 USD

“For those interested in providing their own seminars and introducing non-horse people to horses, this is an excellent and informative dvd.”

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This DVD shows what takes place at a typical Maui Horse Whisperer Experience Seminar. Franklin created Horse Whisperer Seminar at his Maui ranch. They are hands-on, experiential programs designed to introduce horses to humans in an appropriate, compassionate and mutually satisfying way.

As Franklin teaches success with horses as life enrichment, these videos are a good representation of the paradigms, techniques, outcomes and benefits of such a program. Great reference material for those wishing to create similar programs or to further their understanding of the horse/human relationship.

Duration: approx. 1 hour
Produced by: Maui Community Television
Format: NTSC format DVD - USA & Canada
Price: $49.95 Now only $39.95 USD plus S&H

NTSC format only (USA & Canada)

NTSC format only (USA & Canada)


“Horse Whisperer in Greece” DVD

A Comprehensive 2 Disk Set!

greek videoShot on location in Syros Greece, this video presents gentle horse training techniques utilizing the round pen, ground games, young horses, setting bounderies, trailer loading and more.

Produced by: Markos & Stella Spanoudakis
Duration: 3 hrs (two, 90 min disks)
Format: NTSC format DVD - USA & Canada
Price: $85.00 now only $69.95 USD plus S&H

Franklin's Comments Testimonials

NTSC format only (USA & Canada)


“Changing Paradigm” DVD

Aspen Community Television Show

The Changing Paradigm TV Show contains primarily interviews centering on my philosophies around horses and their training. They are a good look at the concepts I put forth in all my work with both humans and horses." Franklin Levinson

This Aspen Community Television production is a one-hour show featuring Franklin being interviewed about his origins, the development of his philosophies around horses and horse training. This is a comprehensive look at the man himself, who he is and his mission. It is mostly shot in a studio with several short location clips.

Produced by: Aspen Community Television – Paulos
Duration: 1 hr
Format: NTSC format DVD - USA & Canada
Price: $49.95 now only $39.95 USD plus S&H

NTSC format only (USA & Canada)