A Course In Horse Mentorships

Looking for an easy, convenient, effective, efficient and inexpensive way to get some solid coaching in gentle horsemanship? Consider telephone horsemanship coaching with Franklin. He has clients from around the world who call him for one-hour sessions to help them solve behavioral problems with their horses.

Many difficult situations with your horse can be easily resolved through these detailed and precise coaching sessions. The sessions cost about as much as a piano lesson ($75.00 per one hour).


Cost: $65.00 per session.
Franklin travels frequently overseas and may not be immediately available by phone. Please email Franklin or phone him at (760) 708-6464 to make arrangements for your consultation(s) BEFORE paying.
Once Franklin has contacted you to confirm availability, then you may return to this page to complete the transaction. If you are purchasing 4 or more sessions, please indicate the number below.

Number of Sessions:


What People are Saying About Franklin

"Talking with you Franklin, has been one of my turning points (the first being that I wasn't liking my old fashioned method of 'do as you are told' and looking for a different way of thinking). Your gentle ways are inspirational and something I intend emulating. "

Jo McKee

"What do you do when you've got a horse with behavioral problems and you live where any help beyond your basic veterinary services are nearly impossible to come by? I was faced with this dilemma a couple of months ago when I discovered expert help was available literally at my finger tips! All I had to do was pick up the phone and dial Franklin's number. Our one hour of in-depth discussion has turned out to be absolutely invaluable to me and my horse. Needless to say, following Franklin's suggestions, problems with my horse have rapidly been becoming a thing of the past!"


“As a competitive rider and breeder for many years and an owner of a 3.5 yrs. old Warmblood stallion I wanted to avoid some mistakes in working with past horses of mine. I contacted Franklin Levinson to discuss a “better” way of dealing with un-wanted stallion behavior and ideas to help the training process. So, I signed up for some of his phone coaching sessions. Franklin’s non-confrontational approach has clearly demonstrated that the answer is not achieved by forcing a horse to do something. It’s more like a patient sequence of steps that lead up to the eventual desired response. His methods can benefit both horse and rider in any discipline. His coaching sessions are a great way to sort out behavior issues and learn how to encourage the horse to focus on you and gain his trust and respect. “

LAnne Frankel