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Franklin Levinson.

Franklin's Philosophy

Beyond Natural Horsemanship with Franklin Levinson Long before the 'natural horsemanship' craze, horse trainer Franklin Levinson was teaching and training both horses and their owners using his own gentle, effective methods. Now, with 40+ years experience as a professional horseman, Franklin is sharing his knowledge with groups and individuals around the world.. Franklin's Philosophy Showing humans how to have the best relationship possible with their horses and how to keep it has always been one of Franklin's main goals. To be good with horses at a high level requires us humans to come forward with our best qualities and attributes. Similar to a 'great parent', successful relationships with horses require compassion, kindness, precision, patience, clarity, real knowledge (not just opinions and projections), great leadership, acquired skills and more . Moreover, it is clear that practicing appropriate interaction with horses helps humans to become more highly functional in all their relationships. Thus, in all his programs, Franklin teaches success with horses as life enrichment for the human as well as the horse.

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