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Welcome to Franklin Levinson's Horse Help Center, where he answers questions regarding horse behavior and solves specific issues with individual horses. The Help Center database currently contains 889 separate questions posed by equestrians, trainers, and horse lovers, along with Franklin's responses. The tremendously positive feedback from folks who have been helped by this service is a tribute to the effectiveness of Franklin’s methods, even through an email.

Below are the most recent additions to our database. Should you not find an answer to your horse-related question within these files, you may contact Franklin.


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Aggressive horse in my care.
I noticed this horse that was very aggressive towards humans and horses a like, but when I asked about him I was told he was very mean and to stay away ... three weeks ago I tried a new approach, after I turn everybody else out I halter him and he and I just spend an hour or so walking the property and it seems to be gentling him ... my question is am I doing anything right or wrong and what more can I do to help him....

Liberty and More...
Questions come to my mind like…why would she want to spend time with me? The paddock has her friends, food and peace and quiet. With me I ask her for something, I try to give her as many pleasurable experiences as I can by massaging her and grooming her. But there is a point where I would like to do something that I find fun and interesting…but I’m not sure she does....

Good friends now separated.
The two horses were together for about 8 years. Three weeks ago I had to put my Quarter horse down because he was in renal failure. The two horses always would walk through the woods to get to the 10 acre pasture together and now I can't get Ribbon to go back to the pasture by himself....

Arabian mare forges ahead and is spooky to ride.
My Arab is a sweetie...and we have two issues which I feel are closely related. 1) She pulls ahead when I lead her from the ground… 2) when we ride ... I feel like if something scary comes up, she will not listen and take my direction, but trust her own head more....

Tennessee Walker tosses his head a lot.
y horse is a Tennessee Walker...My problem is she throws her head when riding. Almost rearing up. I broke my back falling off her when she did it last fall. She continues to toss her head when riding and sometimes lunging. .

Horse is fine in the arena but scared when hacking out.
I have a 12 year old Irish Draught ...he has always been very nervous out of the stable and when hacking out. His head rises, starts snorting as we get closer to whatever is worrying him, and I can feel his nervousness....

Difficulties and bad habits.
The biggest issue is his bolting. Any opportunity he gets to do it he will...I can't even tie him up outside...I muck him out in his stable and that's where the biting comes into it....

How to treat a grieving mare?.
I found your web page while trying to find info on how to comfort my grieving 23 year old mare who lost her 23 year old best friend...this one is the apple of my eye. I don’t want to surrender her to a broken heart if I can help her.

My horse Snickers.
I have a little bay gelding that I have had since he was born. He wasn't gelded late, and he's never shown aggression before. Ever since he went up to dad's house he started acting up. ...He has never lunged at anyone. Now he has bitten mom, dad, Bammy, papa, and a friend. It's not okay and I don't know what to do..

New Horse Owners.
Franklin gives new horse owners valuable advice about feeding, exercising, discipline, and basic qualities necessary to be an effective leader..


Corfu, Greece: Gaining knowledge of, and proficiency with, horses should be considered a life-long endeavor. However, with the exclusive and private/semi-private nature of the Elegant Horsemanship Programs led by Franklin Levinson and his wife Ilona, a higher level of efficiency with the training and advancement of the student is a far greater possibility. Programs are individually designed to suit the needs and desires of the participants. Participants can bring in their own horses or use those available at the facility (boarding is available).


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