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Gelding an older stallion

Behavior problems of a co-dependent mare

turns quickly opposite direction on lunge line.

Strange horse behavior includes eating feces

Conan the barbarian kicks

Problems saddling


Green horse

Working with horses

New horse connections and herd bound

Not moving forward

Should we sell her or not?

Mare balking and spinning

Dangerous Horses - Dangerous Humans

horses' companionship needs and time requirements with owners

Guiled by a new gelding

Extremely aggressive mare

Young Horse Whisperer

Excitable horse

Introducing horses into a new herd and home

Training question

Aggressive biting

Mean Horse?

Shy little Arab

Trust without Treats

Very Lazy Horse

Tail swishing

Horse troubles at feeding time

Trouble with new barrel horse

Tips for Calming a Spooky Horse

Healing from a fall, overcoming fear

Horse that lays his ears back at you

Biting for no obvious reasons

Ornery Arab

I had to move my horse away from other horses

I want a life with horses

Unruly Riding Horse

Spooky Horse

Relocating horses

No forward motion

Trailering problems and more learning

Stallion bites a lot

Rearing horse problems

4yr old QH will not go forward

Squealing being ridden

Sharing breath & heart

Problem with my stallion biting and rearing

Clipping nerves and equine anxiety

Career in horses

Career in horses

My moody mare

Communication and a proper greeting

Problems of 'fear' with a Greek Horse and a Greek equestrian

Horse afraid of rain

Horse that spooks from 'white' things

Problem stopping my horse

New Horse behavior with a herd

Horses running off on their own big mystery

Hostile horse

horse rushing jump

horse started bucking when cantering & paws when tied

Unbridling problems with my horse

A horsy gift from God

Shy behavior of new horse

Stallions Staying Together

Once quiet mare losing her mind!

Playful horses. Is it love or...?

Problem with Cleaning Feet, boundries and more

Girthy Horse

Problems jumping my horse after a fall.

Becoming a Horse Trainer - Questions from a student

How to get a horse to jump

Flemin Response in horses.

Charging and rearing problem

Bucking when being first ridden and is 'green'

Slipping and no balance in trailer

Biting 5-year-old mare

"Studly" Gelding

Are Carrots Bad for Horses?

Head nodding and tossing gelding

In Foal?

Horse is nervous in a new home & seeks attention

Horse behaves like a gate basher

Setting boundries with horses/crowding issues

Changing Unwanted Horse Behavior

Shy while eating, horse behavior and personalities

Bucking Behavior Problems

Horse Leaning on Me When I Clean his Feet

Different Behavior at Trainer's than at Home

Bad horse behavior; biting and kicking

Laminitis and other health issues

Sadie's Rearing

Horse Pulling Back

Herd Bound, I think?

More Herd Bound Behavior

horse resisting going forward

"Rear Fear" in horses

Fearful behavior around a 'flag'.

"The Buck Stops Here"


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