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Host Your Own Horsemanship Clinic

Bring Franklin to your home town!

It is easy to host one of Franklin seminars in your home area! What is required is a comfortable facility that will accommodate a minimum of 10 pairs of horses and humans. A maximum number of participants is basically decided by the capacity of the hosting facility. Demonstration programs for extremely large crowds are available, such as those Franklin often presents in Greece. Depending on the local climate, a covered arena may be advisable.

Topics covered can be requested by the hosting facility depending on the needs and desires of their clientele. Subjects ranging from entry level horsemanship, high level ‘winning’ techniques and training methods for horses and humans, problem solving (all types big and small), centered balanced riding and colt starting are available to name just some of the potential topics. EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) programs that teach potential practioners, establish Horse Whisperer Seminar bases, as well as providing programs for corporations (leadership/teambuilding) as well as individuals with special challenges are available.

Clinics and seminar time frames range from one day to several weeks. Fees vary accordingly. This is why most fees are decided upon on an individual program basis. There are profit sharing alternatives and other opportunities for the hosting facility as well.

We hope this information may help and inspire you to want to host a Franklin Levinson seminar in your home area. Please see our section on endorsements and testimonials to view responses to Franklin's programs by past participants. If you would like any additional information, clarification or you have specific questions about fees or programs, please email Franklin.