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Previous Horsemanship Clinics

Franklin presented his first two day clinic in Athens, Greece at the reknowned Hellenic Riding Club in December, 2008. This is the oldest, most beautiful and prestigious riding club in all Greece. It is located in the heart of Athens. The Hellenic Riding Club has a history of producing some of Greece's top riders for the Grand Prix circuit as well as Olympic hopefuls. It was truly an honor for Franklin, the first American gentle horse trainer, to have been invited to teach a seminar there. This invitation was an indication of the Hellenic Riding Club's desire to not only produce top riders, but to equally promote the mental and emotional well-being of their horses and have their riders gain more wisdom about the horse itself. For those horse enthusiasts visiting Franklin's website, who are located in Greece and Europe, Franklin strongly urges a visit or inquiry into the Hellenic Riding Club.

In October '09, Franklin led a 3-day seminar at The Ranch, in the lovely valley of Sofiko of Corinth, Greece. And most recently, he made an appearance at the Silva Project in Kanoni, Corfu.

Future Events

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What people are saying:

... I have ridden horses since I was 2. But now I realize that I know very few things about them. Horses are my life and I am trying to be better and better for them. Thank you for teaching us all the important things that help us to become better for our wonderful horses! I wish and hope that you come back soon to Mitilini and show us more riding techniques and better ways to communicate with horses! ...

Greece Horsemanship Image Gallery

The following images wew compiled from various horse training clinics and seminars held in Greece over the years, as well as contributed by some of our Greek event hosts and participants. Once the pictures load, you can quickly browse through them by clicking either to the left or right of the main image, or using the slider button. The foremost image will expand when clicked upon. All images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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Regional Resources

Franklin has encountered a number of unique individuals and organizations during his recent travels to Greece. Below are a few websites you may find helpful and enjoyable. The following links will take you away from this website, so be sure to book mark this page so you can visit us again.

4-Seasons Outdoor Sports
"I met and worked with this fine group of people during a terrific seminar in Patra, Greece. For those traveling through Greece and wishing to have a great outdoor adventure." (Franklin L.)

Alogo Magazine
This website is dedicated to the well-being of all horses in Greece as well as to all Greeks attaining the highest level of horsemanship posible.

Agean Horses
"Located on the Greek island of Lesvos, the people at Agean Horses provide a wonderful experience and great hospitality for those in the Mytilini area with horses. Thank you Alkis Paspatis, owner, for a wonderful seminar experience!" (Franklin L.)

Nadler Horsemanship
Horse Training and Resources

Silver Lining Herbs
Natural herbal supplements for dogs and horses.

Skyrian Horse Society
Skyros is now one of the rare breeds of horses in the world. Today there are 220 Skyrian ponies left in Greece, of of which 152 live in Skyros. It is a protected species.

Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece
The therapeutic value of horse riding for people with disabilities was well known to the Greeks as early as the 5th Century B.C. Historians quote Hippocrates as saying, "Riding in clean air strengthens body muscles and keeps them in good form".