Programs, Clinics & Seminars

Franklin Levinson - A Course In HorseWay of the Horse
This is Franklin's way of bringing the Horse Whisperer Experience to people around the world. Participants learn how to create the most powerful connection they have ever had with their horse and keep it! training seminars typically last 2 days. Before any communication between horse and human becomes successful there has to be a clear and conscious connection. In advance of all the wonderful, gentle techniques of "starting" and training horses, "problem solving" for horses and riding them, it is imperative to establish this clear and conscious connection with your own intuitive self first and then with your horse.


Beyond Natural Horsemanship
Franklin Levinson's mission is to enhance and enrich the horse/human relationship wherever and whenever possible by teaching humans how to compassionately and effectively interact with their horses. His Beyond Natural Horsemanshiop Seminars is currently his flagship presentation. Whether a competitive rider, trail rider, Western or English discipline, your success with your horse is based on the depth and quality of the trust established, along with appropriate and practiced skills. This seminar will teach you those skills, and show you the path to building the most successful relationship possible with your equine.


Equine Facilitated Learning
In modern times, it has been clinically documented that just being around horses changes the brain wave patterns of humans. We calm down and become more centered and focused in the present when we are with horses. We are transformed in a very positive way when in the presence of horses. It is no wonder that the beneficial effects of positive and appropriate interaction with horses should prove therapeutic to grownups and children alike. Startling improvement has been observed in children with various mental and emotional challenges from A.D.D. to Autism, to anti-social violent behavior. Franklin Offers a program uniquely taylored to these individuals and their families.


The Fundamentals of Elegant Horsemanship
Corfu, Greece: Gaining knowledge of, and proficiency with, horses should be considered a life-long endeavor. However, with the exclusive and private/semi-private nature of the Elegant Horsemanship Programs led by Franklin Levinson and his wife Ilona, a higher level of efficiency with the training and advancement of the student is a far greater possibility. Programs are individually designed to suit the needs and desires of the participants. Participants can bring in their own horses or use those available at the facility (boarding is available).


Leading with Quiet Strength
In this clinic you become the leader of the horse, just as you develop leadership in your life and career. Your leadership of the horse becomes a metaphor for your life's goals and the relationships that happen along the way. This is a dynamic leadership/team-building program ideal for corporate and professional clients. Participants get to experience and practice the techniques of effective communication, willing partnership, shared vision, skillful action, and thoughtful decision making.


Life Enrichment Through Success with Horses
The Life Enrichment Through Success With Horses experience is specifically designed to augment and expand any guest ranch or horse facility equine program into the areas of self-improvement and personal growth. This is done through fun, non-stressful interaction with an appropriate horse. It supports introspection and self-inquiry through the quality of the on the ground interplay between the horse and human.


Franklin Levinson - Bridle-Less RidingBridle-less Riding
Bridle-less Riding is the ultimate union of horse and rider. It is being bridle-less that gives the horse the most choice, freedom and trust possibilities in the relationship with the rider. This intensive, four-day seminar is intended for experienced riders only.


The Art of Liberty Training - Freedom for All!
Learn and experience what it takes to have horses dance at liberty with you and the incredible benefits to all your Equine relationships through this practice.


Way of the Horse - Camp Program
This program was developed to assist camps and similar operations, in teaching the life enriching skills of success with horses. Camp instructors will learn to share lessons not only in equine behavior and language, but more importantly, human lessons in; kindness, compassion, leadership, self-esteem, confidence, great communication, being a team player, use and understanding of intuition, self-awareness, presence, the ability to focus, right perception and a host of additional qualities that we humans value highly.


Host Your Own Clinic with Franklin
It is easy to host one of Franklin seminars in your home area! What is required is a comfortable facility that will accommodate a minimum of 10 pairs of horses and humans. A maximum number of participants is basically decided by the capacity of the hosting facility.