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Beyond Natural Horsemanship

Successful Training Through Trust,Compassion, Wisdom and Skill

  Natural Horsemanship


Franklin Levinson's mission is to enhance and enrich the horse/human relationship wherever and whenever possible by teaching humans how to compassionately and effectively interact with their horses. His Beyond Natural Horsemanshiop Seminars is currently his flagship presentation.

Whether a competitive rider, trail rider, Western or English discipline, your success with your horse is based on the depth and quality of the trust established, along with appropriate and practiced skills. Attending a seminar with Franklin Levinson will absolutely increase your success with your horse, no matter what the activity. Franklin has 40+ years experience as a professional horseman. Long before the 'natural horsemanship' craze, Franklin was teaching and training horses using his own gentle, effective methods. Experience one of the few, true remaining innovators of gentle, successful horsemanship, and follow the path to success towards the best possible relationshipo with your Equine.


  1. Attitude is everything.
  2. Trust is the key to unlock the treasure trove of great endeavors.
  3. Successful completion of a horse and rider’s basic training will foster more winning in competition and more success in all activities with horses.
  4. Developing a confident horse will ensure probable success in all equine matters.
  5. Develop good habits and ways of being when around horses.
  6. Providing an appropriate consequence for unwanted behavior can go a long way toward modifying it.
  7. The common successful language humans can have with horses is the language of kindness, compassion, precision and respect.
  8. Having a successful session (training or any experience) with a horse in theory is simple.
  9. “Reading” a horse and developing a good, accurate understanding of what the animal is trying to convey begins with the beliefs of the human about horses.
My approach to having the best relationship possible with horses is based upon compassion, acquired knowledge, consistency, skill and patience.

Franklin is available to conduct Horsemanship Seminars at your ranch, stable or guest facility. For additional information and details please contact Franklin directly either by email or phone: (970) 927-1221