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Bridle-less Riding

Bridle-less Riding is the ultimate union of horse and rider. It is being bridle-less that gives the horse the most choice, freedom and trust possibilities in the relationship with the rider.

Bridleless riding

While it is a bit scary for both horse and human in the beginning stages to give up 'control' or 'being controled', the depth of the bond formed during this type of riding is profound and extremely meaningful for both parties. The human really does become the ultimate and wonderful leader of the dance and the horse becomes the perfect dance partner; soft, responsive, fluid and trusting.

Once practiced and then perfected, Bridle-less Riding raises the level of the horse/human riding dance to some of it's highest potential. When going back to bited riding after Bridle-less, the adjustment is always to a higher level of more sensitivity with the hands, seat and legs

Bridle-less Riding seminars are generally presented in four parts. These programs are reserved for very experienced riders with very experienced horses.

Program Cost:
Varies depending upon group size and needs.