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Life Enrichment

Through Success with Horses

The Life Enrichment Through Success With Horses experience is specifically designed to augment and expand any guest ranch or horse facility equine program into the areas of self-improvement and personal growth. This is done through fun, non-stressful interaction with an appropriate horse. It supports introspection and self-inquiry through the quality of the on the ground interplay between the horse and human. Franklin has developed specific steps to acquaint the human with the mind, psychology, language and emotional nature of horses. For the development of trust with horses, it is the responsibility of the human to become the good leader of the dance of horsemanship. Inspired, compassionate and skillful leadership comes forward during these initial stages of the program. This leadership is accomplished through the human embracing the appropriate attitudes, gaining knowledge of the nature horses and then the learning the skills to successfully communicate with the horse with the goal of developing trust. Irregardless of what the activity is with the horse, it is the inherent responsibility of the human to compassionately and skillfully lead and guide each step. This leadership comes about through quiet strength, acquired wisdom, earned trust, focus, as well as learned and practiced skills.

These programs inspire and uplift all participants, including the horses. This is because significant levels of success are always attained. For the horse, a positive experience with humans is always supportive of a good attitude and better overall performance. People come away from the program having had an experience of horses far beyond a lovely trail ride. These experiences are transformational in profound ways for humans. The development of enhanced and expanded inner-peace, compassion, confidence, patience, tolerance, focus, presence, self-esteem, communication, leadership and partnership are all brought about through these unique programs. Additionally, a profound sense of connectedness to nature and all life rounds out the many wonderful benefits of Life Enrichment Through Success With Horses.

Franklin is available to provide and establish a Life Enrichment Through Success With Horses program at your ranch, stable or guest facility. For additional information and details please contact Franklin directly either by email or phone: (970) 927-1221