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Leading with Quiet Strength

A one-day, comprehensive experience that uses a revolutionary approach to developing excellence in the team dynamic and leadership experience.

Just like humans, horses respond to embodied acts of leadership, not mere words or titles. Through the mirroring effect of the horse you get to see the dynamics of your current leadership style quickly and honestly. Working with horses to develop teamwork and high level leadership allows you to think beyond your normal paradigm, assimilate new techniques quickly and get immediate feedback.

In this seminar, you become the leader of the horse, just as you develop leadership in your life and career. Your leadership of the horse becomes a metaphor for your life's goals and the relationships that happen along the way.

This unique and highly effective method explores ancient wisdom and modern thought around trust, inspired leadership and the manifestation of vision.

Some of the goals of Leading With Quiet Strength are:

  • Define and enhance your current leadership style
  • Discover the natural leader within you
  • Move into the future with intention, strength and balance
  • Understanding your emotional intelligence, your intuitive voice
  • Developing mindfulness and expanded self-awareness
  • Learn the techniques for creating a superior team
  • Becoming proactive rather than reactive in new and unfamiliar situations
  • Move through change gracefully and with flexibility

We begin by learning the language of the horse and how to speak and think it. Techniques are taught that help participants center and focus which will allow them to get very present, in the moment. As the horse is always fully present, we humans need to learn how to approach the horse with the same high degree of awareness and sensitivity.

Then we move on to establishing connection.

The horse demands a high level, clean, clear connection. The same can be said for any very successful group effort, communication, vision or action. Techniques are explained, demonstrated and practiced with the horses that give participants an immediate experience of this finely tuned, common frequency. The final third of the program is about success, visioning it as a leader and as a group experience. We practice sharing that vision of success and then manifesting it into a physical reality utilizing the lessons and skills that have already been learned.

We complete the experience by exploring the "bonds" that connect us all, humans, animals and nature, with the understanding we are not separate nor unaccountable for the effects he have on our world.

Lastly, we rediscover the value of gratitude, compassion and forgiveness as stepping stones to great success as leaders, teams players and in life.

Program Cost varies depending upon group size and needs. Please inquire.