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Training Horses At Liberty


Have you ever seen the 'Liberty Horses' at the circus? They are all one color (frequently all white or black) and often they are Arabians. They all come into the center ring together, without leadropes or restraints, save a collection harness, and move in a circle, then perhaps, all rear up together and turn around. Frequently single horses come forward and do wonderful tricks like hopping on their hind legs, standing on a very small table, jumping over things, bowing, counting, dance steps, dressage moves w/o a rider, laying down on cue and many more wonderful moves.

Ever wish you had the opportunity and skills required to have horses respond to you this way, freely? This is the goal of this magical, inspriational and highly informative seminar. Once we turn our horses lose, it becomes their free choice whether or not to respond to the human and how.

Learn and experience what it takes to have horses dance at liberty with you and the incredible benefits to all your Equine relationships through this practice. All breeds, humans and levels of experience are welcome.

This seminar is presented in all locations Franklin travels to upon request.

Program Cost:
Varies depending upon group size and needs. Email Franklin