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City Slicker and equine relationships

Stallion becoming dangerous as he ages ...

Fear and horses

QH filly

Hoof care and sensitive hooves

Two-year-old gelding starting to bite.

Stubborn or afraid?

5 Year Old Friesian Issue (swiping the hind leg and more)

My horse is getting 'girthy' for no apparent reason.

Mare suddenly killing smaller animals.

Lonely horse reflections

My horse attacking other horses, plus racing forward with other horses

Riding vs bonding on the ground

Casper the Stubborn Horse

Horrible habits from a bored horse

Colt in training lays down

Interpreting Equine Behavior

Sour attitude and 'turned on' horse

Horse kicking when jumping

I want a two-year-old Arabian stallion

loving an ex-racehorse back into connection

Horse eating on the trail

Handling an Aggressive Mare

Lonely horses (equine mourning)

Discouraged and confused with my Dream Horse

school horse mare's mystery behavior

Dangerous and unruly horse

Overcoming fear after riding accident

Horse sinks to its knees when girthed

Something missing?

Rehabilitating starved and abused horses

Scared horse and a Scared Human

Predator/Prey related to horses and humans

Absolute fear

Horse is not going where I want

No forward movement with a rider

More herdbound behavior

Dancing With Horses?

Young Stallion Pinning His Ears

Severe Trailering Issues

Horses and their effect on humans

Nervous, bucking, spooking, stiff in the neck and no trust, horse

Getting my horse to follow me anywhere.

Bucking Horse and People problems 2

ex-racehorse for foster home

Aggressive behavior with dressage horse

Yellow discharge from Mare's hind quarters

Distressed 1st time horse owner

Bridle-less Riding

Bridle-less Riding

Screaming Horse

Forward motion

Horse romping??

Limping, pregnant mare

Horse runs off when going over jumps

Gelding all of a sudden being aggressive

Just how much of a mirror is the horse?

Mare being afraid on trails

Another biting horse.

Nervous mare in round pen and with vet

My horse refuses fences when he knocks one down

Right horses for austistic children

Preventing Herd Boundness

Equine Facilitated Mental Health

Un affectionate horse

Horrible habits from a bored horse

14-year-old child and a 3-year-old mare with very difficult behavior

Do horses have a 6th sense?

Setting boundaries with your horse

Change in horse's behavior after being given a shot and administering butte.

Cranky Mare

Gaining the trust of an abused tb

Horse mouthing and licking my hand

How to have better and smoother speed transitions

Learning to stop all over again.

Excited behaviour around loose horses/donkeys/mules.

Older depressed horse and is it time to let him 'go?'

Rushing to Buy Horsemanship - Everybody's Doin' It

Equine Facilitated Learning & Feeling Helpless

Too much or too little?

Catching another scared horse, equine rehab...

Aggressive Gelding

Keeping my horse focused

Should I buy a stallion?

Overly rounded back while riding

Young race horse

Billy Allen Bits

Strange behavior in my young mare

Pony & Mule behavior

When to give up?

Long Distance Help Received for a Scared horse and a Scared Human

Scared horse dumped me in arena

4 year old thoroughbred bites and herds pasture mate

Mare head rubbing and stallion has trouble going

Aggressive thoroughbred mare

Young stallion biting

Mare does not want to provide hoof

Aint' Misbehavin' - is it Fear, or Willfulness?


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