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Horse aggressive and bucking

Mean Young Stallion

Won't stay in his stall

HELP - no respect

Difficult mare

Bad habits after 30 minutes on the trail

Training horses not to pull back

Green 7-year-old-mare who bucks

Horse needs to be in front.

Horse won't stand still.

No time so horse's behavior is suffering. To sell or not to sell.

Mare with foal biting other mares in pasture

Horse is 'sour' under saddle.

Arena horse and rider have fear when riding out on trails.

About becoming a horse trainer

What can I do to assure her safety?

"Sending"your horse

Behavior changed dramatically

Help with training program, horse and I get bored

Mare Strikes When Trying to Clip Her

Nervousness outside the pasture and cribbing

Yearling colt afraid of spray

Mean gelding

My horse scares me!

How do I halter break my filly?

Stallion Behavior?

Is my horse pregnant?

Help! Horse bolts out of trailer!

Horse rears when being ridden

Horse keeps challenging me

Badly rearing

Big bucking, unpredictable 4 year old English Shire filly

My ex-racehorse is confused with her lifestyle?


14 year old mare has attitude

New horses behavior has changed?

Horse kicking out when asked to canter

Dangerous 27 month old gelding

Won't go in the trailer

Aggressive and Dangerous Equine behaviour

Biting gelding problems

Teaching the young horse surefooting

Stallion behavior (Bites at wood when agitated)

Horse biting another horse

New and not confident around horses

Are miniature horses easier?

Abnormal stallion problem?

Biting filly, new owners

The case of the stubborn stallion.

The case of the stubborn stallion.

Horse falls under tack.

Picking up the right lead

Pushy horse at feeding time

Trouble Mounting Horse

Horse will no longer accept the bit

Wanting to GO

I want to be a horse whisperer

Rearing, charging, biting, pulling horse

Abused horse who bites

Is my gelding too affectionate?

My lovely new horse bucks when cantering

Is it sexual?

Training a 6-year-old mare to walk faster & head shaking problems

The proper and best bit

Is it me or my horse?

Won't go forward, unwanted rearing and backing

Aggressive biting stallion

Love my horse, afraid to ride him

What is the basis for how you train horses?

How can I get my new horse to relax and trust me quickly

Can I be spoiling my horse?

Spooked horse

Joining up with horses

My horse has a problem lunging

Am I rushing things?

Wild Horse Training

Horse kicking and aggression

The problem with treats and too much 'babying'

Searching for a horse

Gelding after breeding

Difficult, abused horse

getting my gelding on the bit

impossible, dangerous pony!

Advice on Training an older horse

Tips from the ground up, including bridling

Neck reining problem

Bossy TB Gelding

To geld or not.


Slowing a horse down has risks!

Ear pinning gelding and why

Showing the effects on horses of bad riders

Helping a fearful but sweet mare

Off the track and mine

Problem with my Polo Pony "Pasha"

Sad Horse & Developing Trust

ex racehorse's studly behavior

Gelding Aggression towards Foal


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