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Mare acting out after riding

My horse is unhappy going into an arena.

Problems saddling

Geldings responding to mares

Horses and other animals being themselves

Mare has issues

The best kind of horse

Aggressive behavior from pony toward small child

Pony Pooping In Water

Messed up my horse

Horse suddenly won't go through stall door

Rolling while being ridden

Gentle pony stallion with children

My horse treats me badly and doesn't appreciate all I have done for it.

Cribbing collar not tight enough?

Kicking out and stomping with hind feet

Does My Horse Have Sleeping Sickness?

Nippy young gelding

co-dependent/herdbound gelding

Stubborn Gelding.

colt training

Ex-racehorse 'whoa's

Stud colt questions!

My horse will not walk.

New horse and young child problems

Round pen lethargy

Horse doing tricks I don't want

Problems with miniature horses

Arguing with horses

Striking (PLEASE HELP!)

How much is too much weight?

Horse snorts

Stallion behavior around leg pressure

Noisy Pony


Lost in Tennessee

sleeping behavior

Gelding that has been pushed too hard.

Gelding a 4 year old Friesian Stallion

Halter Problems

Sudden Behavior Change

New Horse Owner Frustration!

Rearing horse

In Need of Help

Non-Agressive nipping

New Horses. Are we doing this right?

My New bucking bronco

Timid Riders/New Horse

Great horse/cannot needle him anymore

Feet query

Feet query

Training an ex pacer

Obsessive wind-sucking

Ex-race horse proceedures?

Horse riding outside without other horse coming with him

Big horse, Little Confidence

My Studly Five Year old

Lazy horse in the arena

Rears in halter/goes too fast/western all the way

More than herd-bound?

Questions about foot stomping & Thoroughbreds

Bucking Horse with People Problems

Getting to know 'Bert'

Pawing at suppertime

TB question/my new horse

bolting at the turnout gate

major bucking horse

Subtle changes in equine behavior & what to do

How small is too small?

Difficult Mare / Difficult Owner

rearing, PLEASE HELP!

Highly Dangerous Gelding

Mean Gelding

Horse panics when I put saddle panniers on

Abnormal sexual behaviour in mare

Training an 8 year old horse.

Extremely Tense Horse Question

strange new behavior a mystery

horse kicking during feeding.

Mare Pins Her Ears When Working

Terrorist Kittens

Mare in Heat!!!

Horse wants to go to every barn she sees

Showing some attitude

Herd bound?

Young Stallion Behavior

My horse tries to grind teeth on bit

Rearing and cross ties

Problem with my horses that bites.

Catching a horse...

Leading, feeding, connection and other trainers

Four year old Filly rearing and goes over backwards


2 1/2 yr old filly, drives but bolts

horse pulling backwards

Herd bound plus remedy

The case for 'collection': My 8 yr. old mare testing me

New Horse Blues and overcoming fear of fall

From nice to mean?

Rearing Horse Again

Overcoming more fear with horses.


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