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Teaching my horse to jump

Mare with foal being aggressive towards humans

Horse rearing when being bridled

My beloved horse has passed on

Pulling on the reins and separation anxiety

My horse paces the fence line

Can't get our new mustang mare not to kick

Gelding suddenly injuring mare he has been friends with for years

My horse strikes at me when I approach with a halter or bridle

Child's horse bucking

Problems with getting on my stallion

jealous, aggressive, possessive filly

Childs Horse is Bucking

Skittish Horses

Separation Anxiety and How to Cope

Cold backed and nippy

Horse that will not allow haltering

Make requests, not orders

Grief and horses

Aggressive new horse

Unwanted behavior from a lesson horse

How do you get a young horse to except the bridle?

Hard to catch horse

Dangerous horse getting started under saddle

Horse rearing when asked to lead group

Ex-racehorse still on the track in its mind

Extreme messing about in (and out) the pasture

Seemingly great groundwork, but problems with riding?

Broncing issues

Ready to do more with 4 month old foal

My horse bit me hard

Therapy Horse

Careers in Equine (Assisted) Therapy

When to return polo pony mare to training after new foal

My horse only wants to run

Speed transitions with my new Halflinger..

Assessing horses for Equine Assisted Therapies

3 year old Belgian with wash rack problems

My horse bolts away when being led from one place to another

My horse will turn its butt to me or backs up to me

Suckling Foal - First steps to training

Youngster looking for attention

Disrespectful in the stall

Horse getting offended and too much licking?

Foal proud mare

My new horse is pacing

Dangerous behavior from my retired gelding around feeding time

Rearing horse when trying to load Help Center

How to begin with equine assisted therapy

Horse gallops with a very low head?

Horse training one-step-at-a-time

To buy or not to buy, that is the question

Dangerous, rescued ex-barrel racer loved by a 12-year old girl!

EFL for children with ASD and Aspergers

Unwelcomed change in behavior of my new horse

Cannot brush my horses tail

Young Arabian with unusual problems

Racehorse too strong. Rogue or not?

My horse kicked the farrier

Is my mare being moody or what?

Feet handling problems

Insecure ex-show horse will not leave certain area of pasture to eat

Respect and trust when working with racehorses

Help with Rearing Horse

ain't Misbehavin'

Horse is charging me and my husband

New horse challenges

My calm horse has become aggressively dangerous.

Learning about horses vs. learning to ride them

Issue with stallion calling out, not moving forward

Horse training the herd and handling several horses at liberty at once

Training problem with my mare

My mini seems depressed

Horse kicking woman in the head video

Anxiety when around my horse

Horse backing up when he has had enough

My Daughter and her Bored Gaming Horse

Charlie's Story

New Horse Owners

My horse Snickers

How to treat a grieving mare?

Difficulties and bad habits

Horse is fine in the arena but scared when hacking out

Tennessee Walker tosses his head a lot

Arabian mare forges ahead and is spooky to ride

Good friends now separated

Liberty and More..

Aggressive horse in my care


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