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My horse Snickers

I have that little bay gelding that I have had since he was born. He wasn't gelded late, and he's never shown aggression before.

Ever since he went up to dad's house he started acting up. He started biting my dad, he bit him two or three times. Dad got after him and he never got away with it. He was the perfect baby, and it just started recently. He's gone after my mom's face three times. She challenged him once. Tonight she was petting him and she went to close the gate and he lunged at her and bit her head. Her ear started bleeding.

I don't know what happened but I know this is not okay. We need to fix it. We've tried everything. What should I do? He has never acted out towards me. He walks nice for me and everything. But he has no respect for others. My mom has hated him for a long time, and after tonight I'm starting to think he hates her too. He has never lunged at anyone. Now he has bitten mom, dad, Bammy, papa,and a friend. It's not okay and I don't know what to do. If he went to slaughter I would die. And I don't think anyone would bite him. He is going to really hurt someone if this doesn't stop and I don't know to stop it.

Please help me I don't know what to do.

Dixie M.


Its not that horses “hate” someone. If a human appears vulnerable, or some smaller animal is around, some horses get aggressive. They will go after whatever, or whoever, appears vulnerable. This is stallion behavior actually. So, I would suggest checking to see if the castration procedure actually was totally successful. Sounds like there still could be some testosterone in the horse’s system.

Putting the horse to work firmly, backing him up firmly, etc. are options when you get unwanted behavior. Not being within reach of his mouth is a good idea. Set and keep boundaries with him. Try using a flag of some sort.

Hate begets fear with horses. The horse knows your Mom does not like him and knows others are now apprehensive around him so he is acting out even more. The horse needs a lot of ground handling and setting of boundaries. I do not advocate punishment. I prefer consequences of movement and work immediately when you get the unwanted behavior. This requires skill as a trainer. Good Luck.

Sincerely, Franklin

I sent you an email a couple months ago about my biting horse. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am, and that you pretty much [saved] his life. I am forever grateful. Thank you so much. I am actually using him for a school project right now, he is acting as a horse from a book. I meant to reply a long time ago, but feel terrible because I never got around to it. Thank you SO much! I'm 14 and he means the world to me!...I don't think you'll ever know how grateful I am to you.

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