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Horse behavior: fighting the bit, stopping and turning on the haunches

Can't catch my horse.

Pawing Problems

Too young a horse for little girls.

Rearing Problems with my Horse

Horse Love and how to get it

Trailering with feet in the manger

My Horse is afraid of cattle...What to do?

Spooked and de-spooked

Horse nickering??

My mustang has started bucking behavior

Problems handling my horse's feet

Serious loading problem

Catching and barnmate separation

My horse is unhappy at home after being leased out

Spooky horse behavior

My horse was traumatized by others and is now afraid

Judging horse behavior by facial characteristics

Dealing With Stallion Behavior

Herd bound behavioral problem

Rearing behavior

Head Tossing Behavior on left lead only

I think I bought a dud (bucking)

Horse control problem

Mare strange new behavior

Depressed yearling

My Rearing Warmblood

Morgan Quarter - problems on lunge line

Problems bridling & haltering horses

Horses attacking a foal

More sensitive neck reining...

Advice for lungeing and a nervous trail horse

Rearing, girthy horse

Arabian that does not "Whoa" Well

Backing when tied

How to slow down an ex racehorse?

Fence Chewing

Horse Chases Me

EFL therapy for young autistic

Of Horses and Humans, why ride and do they like us

Spooking & spinning around

Gelding showing aggression towards my husband

Career with Horses

Older horse, new rider

Head Bobbing Horse

Spooking and reversing

Biting problem

New Rider & Arabian problems

Rearing while mounting

Rider fears galloping

Rider fears galloping

Weaning a Foal

Stud colt that bucks

My stubborn horse

Rash from picking mares hooves

Horse lays down while you are riding him

Show horse spooking

Horse bored with small jumps?

Mare having aggressive new behavior

How to sell a difficult horse

Leading the herd

Preparing for a Career with Horses

Fear of riding after my horse tripped

Ground work over riding?

Ground Manners/Lungeing my nervous mare

Young gelding acting studly

Horse Refusing Jumping

Stallion troubles

Aggressive horse towards children

Headshy - Trauma vs. Abuse

Gelding covering mares

Feisty Mare and gelding

Neck reining trouble with halting

Too much like a colt!

Explosive horse

Mugging for Grain

Kicking Mare & Treats

My new horse/ new herd

When to start training and riding a horse?

Aggressive Mare. I am scared she is going to hurt one of the other boarders....

Bites & bullies

Rearing when being mounted

New Arabian with 'bad' behavior

Severe trailering problem

Abused Horse Who Won't Trust Anymore

Herd bound to humans & bossy

All a matter of trust in the leader

Your site helps so much...

Sudden changes in behavior, won't accept bit, nervous when saddling and bridling

Ex-reiner won't bend its neck

Horse's Fear of Pigs

Horse not stopping and running off after jumping

Nervous horse when being mounted

Biting horse from Crete

Creating appropriate boundries and leadership with horses

Pawing, herd bound and attitude

Are blankets neccessary?

Bit Positioning-Horse puts tongue over bit

Prospects for a late gelding.

The horse who just says "nope, not doing it!"


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