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Strange Aggression

Biting Mare

Gelded 4 year old showing aggression

Yearling Arabian filly question

Is my horse too smart for her own good?

Horse bolting from cross-ties

Training a 17 mo. old colt

A little guidance for rescued horse

Proper saddle fit

Mare's dangerous behavior

Tango with your horse

How a rider's emotions and thoughts affect the horse being ridden

Horse rearing up and falling over

"Flinchy" Horse


Horse getting unpredictable and dangerous

TB App cross plus Friesian Sport Horse

Don't know what to do. My fears are big.

Learning to ‘Dance.’ The Military Vs. Partnered Dance Class.

8 month old colt...problems

5 year old afraid to ride

Horse Biting

Rehab for Ex-racehorses

Herd Bound Question

Separation anxiety

To take 'control' or to take the 'lead.'

Unpredictable in Ireland.

Dangerous in the pasture.

A horse who crow hops, bucks and rears and how to get a nice canter?

Relationship vs. One Way Love

Catching the uncatchable horse.

Horse was good at the beginning and not so good now.

Overcoming fear plus riding instruction vs. good horsemanship.

'Potty training' horses and herd bound behavior.

Getting that new horse to trust you.

A matter of survival.

Mare is fearful of everything.

...physically sick because of horse's behavior problem.

Please help me with my fear of horses

Fear of showing after falling

Blowing away from me when unbridling her in the stall.

Horse dives into the grass?

Fear of Whips

Horse that spooks with young rider

Spooking warmblooded horse

How do I know my horse loves me?

Head tossing & racing Appy gelding

Strength Vs Knowledge

Handling Stud Colts Under Saddle

Young boy, older woman! Re: Horses

Young boy, older woman! Re: Horses

Horse Jumps out of stall and round pen

Fear of falling and family matters

Degrees needed to do this work with horses and children

Aggressive mare with new foal and can't be approached.

Connecting with my Horse's Mind

Bucking Problem

Extremely unusual behavior by 2-year-old gelding with a goat.

Training a three year old warmblood mare

Is this not the horse for me? horse seems to pull little tricks on me when my instructor is not there

Gelding a 10 year old stallion.

My horse eats 'tails.'

Rearing, bucking Quarter Horse.

Nippy mare

Horse that bolts on lead line.

Nipping & Biting Children and those who seem vulnerable only

First Horse Help!

Stallion behavior?

Western training for an English horse?

Aging Stallion Questions

Lost confidence

Mysterious Bucking and rearing from my 3 year old paint.

Retraining a blind horse

Dangerous horse behavior

The Heart Of A Horse & How To Win It

Mare in heat

Dealing with fear and the unknown.

Chronic Hoof Issues with Horse

Mares vs. gendings & curb strap head tossing

Horse getting sour with arena 'work.'

Trust issues and fear?

Starting a young stallion under saddle.

Becoming a horse trainer

Afraid to ride after accident

Stallion that charges

Different training methods

Rude Gelding

Aggressive stallion behavior

Horse a viscious biter

Is this affectionate behavior?

One-Ride Horse

Older horse challenges....

Too late in life to love a horse some day?

Getting attached...

...makes me feel I'm a bad owner...

Standing still to be mounted.

Grieving Horse

Head burying thoroughbred

Horrible 'wreck' and remaining fear...

Aggressive behavior in Mare


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