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Too much GO!

The Ghost in the Corner.

My New Mare

A Life with Horses

Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde horse

Pawing Problems

Stallion Training

Is it abuse or not?

The Spiritual Side of Horsemanship

Aggressive Gelding

My Cracker Horse is a real cracker

Getting a Better Stop (Arabian Woes)

Ground play and won't tie.

Saddle Fear

Rearing in the stall and appreciation for your work

Girth shy forever?

Weaning Question

Seasonal attitude changes with my gelding

Wire brush and new friends.

Unpredictable Horses

Pawing Solutions

Big, Slow-Motion Horse

Kicking Colt

Bad biting in stall

Head Shy Horse

Mare won't lunge

Gaining trust, love and having fun

Gelding an older stallion

Stallion with an oral fixation

English to Western and beyond

Rearing Horse

Lunging for Love

Love Only Me

Mislead Me and Mistreated My Horse

My horse won't let me buckle his saddle!

Is it the teeth or the bit?

Heads for the barn

Stallion behavior question

Ex-racehorse challenges

Should buy back a gelding I sold 2 years ago?

New and unusual behavior for my mare.

Teaching manners to stallions.

Jealous Horse

Dealing with fear

Horse Clipping Blues

Gaining Confidence With Horses

Off the track, but not completely

Threading the head through the hole

Tis the Season for Bucking

Horse kicking when asked to move

Horse kicking when asked to move

Horse pulls reins from my hands

Can a 15 yr. old plantation quail hunting horse be retrained?

Untouchable Horse

Skittish Colt

Hard to halter colt

Meanie horse or not?

A.D.D. Horse

Rearing and Herd bound

Paint Problems

Older rental horse rescued.

Force or no force?

Life or death for a dangerous horse

Opinionated ex-racehorse

Studly won't focus and no respect

Fearful Colt

Miniature Stallion Bites

Rescued Arabian Mare Problems

Retired Harness Racer

To geld or not to geld (2)

Serious Trailer Problems

Stallion display

Subtle requests are the key.

Dream Horse Not So Dreamy Now. fearful rider

Too old to learn or change?

Want to develop trust wth my horse

Bucking Problem/Green Horse

Getting My Horse To Settle Down Before Doing A Rollback

Advice about gaps in horse training

Horse takes off for the barn!

Problem horse bucks a lot

Two year old biting gelding

Biting and more biting

Positive/Negative Reinforcement

Some problems with bucking

Rearing Up Problem

Lowering the head to help rearing tb

Sharing Breath

Helping horse move to the left

4 weeks till we travel and she still won't go in the trailer.

New Bucking, New Owner fearful rider

horse behavior: Filly too playful sometimes

horse behavior: Jealous geldings

horse training: Young horse won't move after being started

horse behavior: Very Head Shy Horse

horse behavior: Jealous Mare

Nipping and Biting TB Gelding

Breeding and questions of the heart about horses

New horse is nervous, scared, biting

Unruly Horse, New Rider

Spooky Herd Bound Horse


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