DVD: “Maypine Farms”


... I just watched your "Harry" DVD and had to laugh. ...It was hilarious and reassuring at the same time to see you deal with what I have...

I am so grateful for your advice and also confirmation that I am not crazy for keeping this "wild and dangerous horse" (as others have labeled him). I now firmly believe I can turn him into a great partner for me. Give me perhaps a week or so, so I can see how we are doing and then we perhaps talk again on the phone as I am sure I will have more questions.

Thanks so much, Franklin!
You have definitely been an answer to my prayers!


Hi Franklin,

I received the DVDs on Friday and they are excellent! The one about "Harry" is exactly what I needed, he is so much like my horse. My horse is a less energetic Harry in a small gray body.

I made Valentine a rope halter and tied a piece of plastic on the end of my dressage whip, so it was the perfect little short flag for him. I gave us both a small dose of Rescue Remedy and walked him to the round ring on a loose lead. Moved him around quietly at a walk, both directions with whoa before reversing like you did with Harry. No charging, striking, kicking or biting, he was like a different horse. I put light pressure on the halter, stooped down towards the ground and said "down" he dropped his head down to the ground and let me pet his head without trying to bite me. In fact, no biting attempts all day. The day was a brilliant success! Such a peaceful day with him and confidence builder for me as well.

I kept it short, about 15 minutes and he did very good at the whoa, probably because I practiced it a lot during the days I hand walked him.

I got a little more insight about him, it appears that just about all the decent riders at the stable have ridden / worked with him without success at one time or another and gave up on him. The girl I spoke with today said "yea, he used to bite me, but doesn't any more, I popped him in the eye." I fear, he's just had one bad experience after another, no wonder he doesn't trust anyone, poor fella. Everyone has given the same advice, he's a bully and don't let him walk all over you. . . . however I noticed that no one was able to make any progress with him either, using their forceful methods, he just got worse.

I certainly can't blame him for trying to protect himself, I guess it was fate that I found your website and the DVD about Harry and of course the other DVDs too. Your methods/advice were the best things that happened to Valentine and I and we Thank You so much for that!

Warm Regards,


DVD: “Horse Whisperer Experience in Greece”


My daughter Hannah and I just finished watching both discs of Horse Whisperer in Greece. Wonderful!!!!!!   When we weren't shouting GOOD BOY or GOOD GIRL at the TV,  we were saying "oh, I GET It" or "Yup,  yup.. That's what I do... "

Equal parts aha,  encouragement,  and amazement. 

Our favorite thing is that you never really strike or kick the horses and still accomplish the task. I never liked it when I was instructed to do that,  and am glad that I found you in my search for another way.   

The demo of head lowering was an AHA moment for me,  and I have been working on it with Gus.  I was skeptical,  but it really seems to be making a difference with him and calms him when he starts throwing his head. 

I agree that working with horses is like watching the grass grow. PERFECT analogy,  and a great thing for me to remind myself to slow down and relax.

Happy New Year to you and yours.  You have truly given me so much and I am very grateful. 

love and hugs, Heather

I received the DVD's today and immediately watched the two disk set (all three hours), 'Horse Whisperer In Greece'. I just had to write to tell you....Outstanding! This will be an important addition to the library. Your work with the young Pinto stallion, in particular, is a big help in dealing with the biters and nibblers. Nice work with this horse and all the others.

Thank you so much!


DVD: “Training Thru Trust”


I found Franklin to help with a beautiful young powerful horse and am following a very similar path..doing what I can with lack of $$. I have bought the videos and corresponded ... and have not only improved my relationship with this new horse but with my other long time horses as well. I remind myself that (as Franklin advised) "riding should be the icing on the cake"...and focus on the ground work (something my "instructors" NEVER mentioned...

My favorite moment is in the "trust" vid where he looks at a little girl off camera and asks, "Did you just kiss your horse? That's fine with me..."

Hi Franklin,

I have watched your DVD  “Training through Trust”. WOW!!!

It really appeals to me and where I would like to be with Al Zir. I strongly identify with your words “….looking for partnership not obedience…”. Sure I would like Al Zir to follow commands (requests) but I want him to follow it because of who I am for him and not out of fear for what could happen if he does not.

I know I have some way to go before getting there. The most important thing I have learnt from Al Zir is that I will not reach him through force. In my disparate attempt to get him to lung clock-wise I once cracked the lunging whip in front of him (not in his face off course but 1m away from him) and he walked into it with determination.  I was amazed, not scared but aware of his inner strength. 

Then I ‘met’ you and I saw my attempts not as failures but as lessons learnt and now he is going clockwise where he would not go before. Now more than ever I want to make that video and ask you to evaluate our partnership. I am a ‘softy’ and don’t want Al Zir to rule me but to have a good understanding between the two of us.  (win-win situation)

He has a history of tendon injuries while racing in Dubai, and who knows what other injuries he may have had but I don’t want to race or do endurance with him I would like a well rounded horse, easy to handle and a pleasure to be around. I am not just doing it for myself but for my children too. My daughter 10 years, needs the physical muscle toning horse riding can offer (strengthen core muscle group to improve concentration) and building her confidence, my son 4 has an amazing animal connection and I would like him to develop that with Al Zir and the Lucky Star (the donkey). 

With many thanks and respect for your gentle ways,


Dear Franklin,

I watched your DVD last nigh, that had arrived from Corfu of all places[I love Greece]  Thankyou ..., thankyou...it was terrific and also very moving. I am,  or was, a teacher now retired, well not quite,and your attitude to childrenand their capacity to learn through animals was great. . I once had a book called The Gentle Art of horse breaking..now given away but may well have been written by you..same attitude and respect to the horses. Although I wasnt a fantastic rider, i often got to ride the difficult horses apparenltly because of my way with them. I am sure that my 2 friends in Rajasthan who breed Mawaris, and also, unlike someother breeders i have seen there, treat them well  and are eager to learn, will benefit greatly from this film. I have also forwarded your website to them. So thank you and all the best for the new year.... maybe my David [my parner] and I can come on one of your trail rides one day..I have ridden a lot around the high country of Victoria..but not for a while now.
Helen Stagoll

Kia ora Franklin,

The dvds are brilliant! Thank you, thank you.

Everything is going well with Seanna. We have ridden her and are doing exactly as you say. I will get my act together and send those photos I mentioned. Best regards,


I received my DVD on Saturday and I truly love it! The way you have earned the horse's trust is amazing. I have tried your techniques on affection, having the horse to perform, being the leader and not the boss, and find that it works wonderfully well. My girls love to have their gums massaged too.


The only thing I don't have is the round pen but the horses are performing very well in the open pen so far. After I earned their trust they stay right beside me until I am finished working/dancing with them. The DVD shows so many interesting things to try and it will take some time to get everything done with 2 mares and the baby but I have the time and devotion to work and be patient. I am getting the baby ready to go for a ride by using the towel and stretchy bandage (as her saddle she thinks)and her lead rope. The 2 mares won't go without her so as I saddle them up she thinks she gets saddled too.

The part in your DVD where the horses provide stimulation for children with ADD/ADHD was very interesting because my granddaughter has ADHD and I have watched her from the day we bought the horses and she has shown more responsibility with them then anything else in her life. She has taken control of the baby and my paint mare which is 16 hands and they do what she says for them to with no questions asked from either of them. Alex talks to them just as a human and Franklin they give kisses and a lot of them.

I have truly enjoyed this video and will order more to expand my knowledge of the many experiences you share. Thank you so much for providing this knowledge to us.

Brenda G

We have received your DVD today and are delighted with it. It is great to be able to watch it and get refreshed on what we learned while you were in Ireland. I have been using your methods on our two year old gelding and its working really well. We were total novices (and still are) with any form of horsemanship and only started when we bought a pony for our two children, Now the whole family are enjoying the time spent with horses.


After your trip to Ireland we sent you an email about the problem our 14 year old mare had while in an arena with other horses, she would kick out at any horse that came near her, well since that we have taken her to a number of competitions and she has improved but can be a bit unpredictable. We feel that alot of her problems could be from when she was used as a brood mare before we got her, it would be great if you could give us any advice on how to overcome this.

The two year gelding is coming on really well, We have got him walking, stopping, backing up and I even managed to get him loaded onto a horse trailer, all using your methods, all without any force, just a really good positive and calm attitude. I had problems lunging ( I was running around trying to get at his back end while he was turning around in the centre) but since I tied a plastic bag to the end of the wand he does the running now while I stay in the centre. 

We hope you are enjoying you're time back at home and once again thank you.

Paul, Tina, Saoirse and Sarah Boyd, Ireland

Dear Franklin,

It was wonderful to put a face to a name and wonderful website by viewing your DVD "Training Through Trust". Your first few comments by letting me know to be 'asking' and not 'demanding' to my horse was nice to hear! I've only had my first horses for a couple years, and I've got lots of 'demanding' advice from some horse folk so far that has always made me feel uncomfortable!! I have never felt comfortable trying to dominate an 1200lb animal, and love the realization that 'partnership' is how to have the best relationship with my horses which you show again and again during this wonderful DVD!


At the beginning of the DVD when you say: "I'm not looking for obedience (with horses), I look for a partnership.....This is not a discipline course." I immediately felt comfortable and knew I could take alot away from this wonderful learning tool! When you discuss 'Bending', made me realize how I can correct alot of problems with my young 2 year old horse. As well, your advice covered has proved beneficial for even the older trained horse I've recently purchased. She is 11, gentle, quiet and is already very trusting with humans, but using these basic methods allows me to develop a 'partnership' that is essential for me and my 'new partner' to ride happily together!  

From first basics, to trailering, to common problems, you allow horse folks of all disciplines a straight forward loving approach to natural horsemanship. The 'Bucking' section made me question my own tack, regarding the comfort of my own saddle with horses. I understand and love when you state: "There are no bad horses, only fearful horses". I knew it!!!!! I felt this from day one!!!!  This is an example of what one of my 'trainers' tried to teach me with my young, green 2 year old mare with a 'fear of fly spray'. My trainers advice was to put a 'lead shank' over her nose and each time I sprayed her (standing right in front of her like a predator I might add too) if she reared (which was every time) I was to pull down hard on her nose and head and yell 'WHOA'. I did this again and again, after my trainer had already done it to her probably 5 or more times. My young horse reared, freaked, flared her nostils each time!!!!!  I was scared and every instinct in my gut told me so was my horse!! I told my trainer: "She's scared, I don't like doing this to her!!!" My trainer told me very harshly that the 'horse was mad' and made me feel that I was weak and unable to 'control' my animal. My horse broke away from my lead rope with rope burn to my hands and started running about in the pasture. My trainer said this was a 'good lesson for both of us', and instructed me to run after her, chase her (like an idiot) and that is was good that she stepped on her 'lead shank and hurt her nose', because that would 'teach her to be submissive'. ???????? The trainer left. I'm out of breath, my horse is at the other side of the pasture, and I'm not happy, nor is my horse.  I'm left with being scared and feeling empty like I'm failing, and I've got a poor young horse that is scared of me! I now lothe the word SUBMISSIVE. I won't tolerate that crap on my farm again. It's funny, all the crazy steps and people you meet when you first get involved within the horse world for the first time!!

This horse is happy now, as I am not interested in making her 'submit' to me, rather feel comfortable and happy she is with me on my farm! After all, what do I want from her? I want to ride around my farm with her, I want to use her droppings as compost on my fields, I want her to be a member of our family.....I don't make my employee's 'submit' to demands for food on my farm, it's about respect and trust, so why should I think these great animals would do or think any different??

This DVD taught me this level of understanding, when most folks just view horses as some creature to be 'dominated to be your submissive ride'. Within the section entitled: 'Bucking', seeing you ride around on the 11 y/o thoughoughbred, BITTLESS (just a halter and leadrope), on this difficult horse was just beautiful in itself! You truly know the animal!

The part of the DVD entitled 'Equine Facilitated Learning" was wonderful!  You state:  "If it (the horse) finds a sense of safety, it finds a sense of peace"......."the same is with a human".  That just says it all with my family experiences with our own horses!! It just shows me once again how important horses can be for troubled children. Then you further say:''So when you put horses and children together, what you get is a much more authentic and immeidiately appropriate interaction"......and "the child is just happy to be with the horse". This is what I have experienced first hand with children and horses and why I will always support any and all equine facilitated learning programs and plan on utiliizing what I have learned from your DVD to enrich my life and the life of my family and those struggling with family difficulties! The way you assisted the troubled kids within this section was just beautiul!

Purchasing this DVD as a newer horse owner (2 years), was some of the best money spent so far for my animals! I love how my own horses seem to see right through me, and help me become a better person! God bless YOU Franklin! I would recommend this DVD to any horse owner interested in truly understanding and gaining a better relationship and bond with that beautiful creature(s) out in their barn!!

Most Sincerely,

Jessie S., Ontario, Canada

Training Through Trust with Franklin Levinson DVD

“Franklin Levinson is a quiet man with a passion not only for horses, but also for people, and for developing a partnership between the two.” This description by a clinic attendee in England sums up the focus and goal of this gifted horse trainer who is making a name for himself all over the world. When working with a horse, he states simply, “I'm not looking for obedience, I'm looking for a partnership.” Franklin's philosophy is that horses are seeking an appropriate relationship with humans, which stems purely from trust. He believes there are no bad horses, only fearful horses who need to learn to trust. His is a straight forward, loving approach to natural horsemanship that works miracles.

His latest DVD, “Training Through Trust,” is a wonderful introduction to his basic techniques and to working with children and horses together, a training process he calls “Equine Facilitated Learning.” In it you will see Franklin touch the hearts of his clients as he brings horses and humans together in harmony. The focus and excitement he brings to the children as he works with them and their equine friend is truly magical.

According to Franklin, establishing trust with horses is the greatest agenda we can have with them. It is so refreshing to witness this method of training, compared to the dominating, strong-arm tactics of the past. This DVD will give you a better understanding of the relationship between horse and rider, and a whole new perspective on your horse and the companionship you share. I highly recommend it! Review by Pat Martin, The FencePost


I am just writing to thank you for answering my e-mail a couple of months ago-your suggestions and your DVD "Training through Trust" have far exceeded my expectations in improving my bond with my new horse. Even more remarkable was how quickly I saw improvement. After reading your archives and e-mail response I realized that I'd been sorely lacking as a "leader" for my horse, that just being gentle and kind was not enough to make him feel safe with me. I began doing your ground exercises and some head lowering work as he was head shy. After just a couple of sessions, he was perfect for bridling, and he seems much more relaxed when I ride him. He often "shares air" with me when we finish the groundwork, which is a beautiful experience. He is my first horse so I have alot to learn, and I am very grateful for your help in starting me down the right path with him.

I find that earning his trust and bonding with him is a rewarding and joyful experience.

Thank you so much!

Sue & "Regalo"

Hi Franklin,

Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to meet you and watch one of your clinics. I was impressed by your handling of both the horses and their human companions and how trust and respect grew between each other throughout the day.

I am keen on improving my horsemanship and see the appeal of combining it with a holiday on Colorado. So when you get home, or get a minute, I would like to get a better idea of the costs involved!

Thanks again.
Kind regards,

Liz (Australia)


I have added it to the Sopris Therapy list of reading and audio-visual materials that volunteers must see before becoming certified. It really illustrates what Equine Facilitated Learning is all about. I watched both the videos (long and short) and they were awesome." Pat

Thank you SO much for creating the Training through Trust DVD. I received it on Monday and have watched it several times...

...I got teary eyed several times while watching…and goose-bumps, or what I call ‘truth-bumps’ many times!  J Thank you for doing what you do!

Peaceful Paths,

Debra (Hawaii)

Franklin Levinson is one of the lesser-known American horse trainers to come to this country, yet after watching this DVD, I fail to understand why. Just about to embark on his fourth UK tour Franklin is a quiet man with a passion not only for horses, but also for people, and for developing a partnership between the two.


Franklin's philosophy is that horses are seeking an appropriate relationship with humans, which stems purely from trust. "I'm not looking for obedience from the horse," he states, simply. "I'm looking for a partnership."

Equine Facilitated Learning forms a central part of the film. He is shown working with children and horses in this DVD – the sight of one young boy with various medical problems, gazing up at Franklin in awe and following his every word, subsequently handling a large horse with ease, is inspiring.

The DVD is very watchable, and while it is possible to go to specific sections, I advise viewing the entire thing. Franklin is shown working with horses displaying common problems, but this shows viewers that problems can be solved, rather than suggesting they now have with which to conquer the world. The simplest ideas are explained, but I would describe it more as an eye-opener. There was no hard sell; quite simply, I want to know more.

As a fan of "natural" horsemanship methods, I expected to like this DVD. However, I didn't expect something so familiar to strike such a different chord. I looked at my own, sometimes challenging, horse in a new light this morning – long may that continue.

Rachel Twine
HORSE (UK) – May 2006

Reproduced by kind permission of original publishers in the U.K.


I wanted to pass on to you how touched I was by [the DVD] and impressed w/ your wonderful way of working w/ the emotionally handicapped children. It was amazing to see. I think I've shared w/ you that I am a Licensed Prof. Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist so I specialize in working with these types of kids.


What really stood out for me was that horses really want to be with you! This is an essence of nature of which I am trying to locate within myself through the horses. I am also fascinated by your concept that horses have empathy ('...anyone who doesn't think horses have empathy don't know anything about horses..') I really would love you to come and work with my mare 'Tilly' and myself as you are the only trainer I know of who is concerned with human and horse developement as a whole. Despite being slotted in to a 'natural' horse community at large, nobody has ever understood what the hell my quest with this angry little mare is about! I need help, I'm sick of going it alone! So please let me know when you are here again.

Thank you so much for your time.

Becky, Sussex, England


I received the DVDs and have implemented the exercises. I really like the pace. Maybe I have slowed down too much, but I am going back to zero and working at him staying out of my space in a very relaxed way. I am using a flag as you suggested and that works well. I am going to build very slowly. We have all winter to work.

I brought my young stallion home from the trainers--he has been gone all season--so there are now four stallions here and five mares. We will move in October and I will work more intensely then--away from mares.

I do like what you teach, your philosophy is sound. I am going to really focus on working at his pace and allow him to relax while he works. A very different experience for him, but one I am confident is the way to go.

Thank you so much Franklin, I will keep you informed.