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Thank you for the day we spent together earlier this month! I do need to share some more stories. First, I came back and took lesson with my trainer Linda Stevens. I told her about the day but didn't tell her the specifics about what you had me doing with my seat. Very quickly she saw I was doing something very different and asked what I had picked up in the time we spent together. So I told her about the seat changes and the exercise with the tennis balls.

My seat changes you made are getting better every time I ride. It still isn't natural but it is making a big difference as I am now able to really use my core. Tonight I was able to use it well enough to control by pace on the flat and over the jumps. Linda is also using your exercise with the tennis balls. Just thought you might like to know.

Thanks again for a great day! Hopefully I can get back to Maui before too long!!!!

Marcy P.

Aloha Jill!

I've been meaning to write since the first week I was back home. I had such a wonderful time with you and the wonderful horses!!! I have had a tough time putting it into words... the closest I have come is "the experience altered my being". Tuscany (my mare) noticed it right away. We have a much deeper and easier relationship now. I send you much gratitude and thankfulness; as I am sure she does too! I feel more centered and relaxed. Thank you!

Having finally given you that wonderful update, we are coming back to Maui this week (Aug2-8)! We closed on a condo and are bringing out the kids so they can experience it. Like last time, any last minute synchronicity? I am hoping you might have a morning or afternoon open for Enya and I to come for a visit. I told her so much about you and the horses, she is quite eager to meet you and the herd. It looks like our Saturday is filling up with appointments, but everything else is wide open.

Many, many blessings!
Suzanne Sears

Dear Mr. Levinson,

I spent the afternoon with Ms. Jill Fairchild and WHAT A BLESSING. She is truly a powerful asset to you and now me. Her spirit is beautiful and easily seen. Her ability to assess my needs and implement a plan was smooth and effortless.  Jill then used her vast knowledge and experience to deliver a stunning life lesson that was both powerful and moving.

Jill helped me better understand horses as well as a better understanding of myself. I pray my appreciation of her time will be reflected in my horses ability to improve the quality of life at a higher level.

Thank and may God bless you both. Ken Roche' and the Equestrian Angel


This is me, up close and personal with this beautfiul mare. I cannot even begin to describe what this experience was like - realy quite unbelievable! Firstly you should know, that I am not an avid rider, I knew very little about horses before yesterday. I thought they were majestic and regal animals, but was little afraid of their sheer force and size.

I spent the day one-on-one with Jill Fairchild of the Maui Horse Whisperer Experience, and boy did I get over my fears quick! I don't have much time, I'm about to catch my flight to Honolulu, but to give you a quick overview, yesterday I got a back message from a horse... That pretty much sums up how I went from fearful to relaxed and comfortable with the horses.  Literally, the horse used its nose and mouth and tickled and messaged my back, no joke! It was completely unexpected, Jill had me stand backwards quite close to the horse and next thing I know the horse is rubbing her face all over my back, being playful with me. By the end of the day, I learned to instruct the horse to walk in a circle around a ring, using only my body language.  Anyone who knows me can attest to this being an accomplishment, that I was able to give instruction with few words. 

Horses are incredibly connected animals and speak the language of body language, something we humans have unlearned. They are expressive through their bodies and can read energy levels and tone because they listen careful, something we spent a lot of time doing yesterday. Horses mirror our energy levels and tone... So much more I could say, but running out of time now. Check out the photos, click on the one below. 


The beauty of the experience is that everything I learned applies to how we communicate with other people, not just horses.  It is really a great excercise for anyone who feels in the slightest disconnected with themselves or for those who struggle to connect with others in a meaningful way and for thoses who struggle with being able to speak and act from their heart and a place of sincere love rather than aggression or need for power/control.  Jill has is a unique, delightful, supremely connected being and she uses her energy to guide you through the day.  There is much to be learned from her, but she is eqaully open to learning from you, so there is no teacher-student pretense, just two people open to learning and growing, sharing an experience.  She doesn't have a set schedule or plan, you arrive and she listens carefully for cues on what you need from her and how she can contribute to your development.

Mahalo !


I had a great day with Jill a wonderful teacher and person. We talked last night and I received wonderful directions....When I signed the waiver I said, "should I put down most sunburned guest?" It was a glorious, sunny day. Thank you for referring me to Jill and (..and the Maui Horse Whisperer Experience).......maybe someday our paths will cross. Linda T.

carolI spent the entire day at the office sending jpgs and just wanderlusting and daydreaming about my experience. I changed my desktop with the photo of Jet and me! :)

This wahine was just about to admire herself by viewing the pixes again when I saw your email.  Great to hear from you! I too had a superior day at the ranch and just chillin' with you and the horses, goats, and all creatures big and small--dang, even the lemonade tasted extra special delicious! And, patrol pig, so doggone cute! Gotta' love him, even tho' he ignored us as he was 'busy'. :)

As Franklin says on his website and I have quoted it to others, “In history and legend, horses represent the highest of human ideals -- dignity, integrity, and grace.”

I will want to hang again once more and will see how that fits in with my new fiscal year and the tight stretch of taking care of the entire State of Hawaii for VA approved educational institutions!

Nickers and Neighs,


I just got home from my 'Maui Horse Experience' with Jill. What a wonderful experience! I feel as though I escaped from my little world for part of today and had a dream about learning to communicate with horses...how to earn their confidence and respect, and how to have more self confidence so that I can get to know my horses at home and enjoy them even more!!  I only wish that someone had opened my eyes to this world of communicating with Equus before I was 49!!!! Anyway, I'm so greatful to have had this opportunity. The whole world needs to learn how to communicate this way! What a better place this world be for our wonderful equines and for those of us fortunate enough to cross paths with them. Thank you to you and Jill for making my Maui trip so meaningful.

Lisamarie H.

Super! What a great experience. The only problem is that it was one day. I would love to spend hours/days/months working with Jill, she has such an incredible wealth of knowledge. I would recommend this experience to anyone who loves horses or has an interest in them. Her mare and colt are fabulous animals. It was for me one of my all time best experiences in life. I would do it again and again. Thank you for connecting Jill and the Maui experience.

Mary Lou Grabosch

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that words can't describe how much we enjoyed our Maui horse whisperer experience. I know my husband had been a little skeptical about doing it, but wouldn't you know - we're back in the Bronx over a week and he's still telling people about it! I worked with Ladybug (whom I understand was your horse) and my husband worked with Columbia. I think he had Columbia eating out of his hand (not literally!) almost immediately! Ladybug was more of a challenge but when I found out that she was 23 yrs. old and the former leader of her herd, I could understand why she liked things her way! Anyway she was as sweet as could be. We both came away from the experience with a totally new appreciation of horses, as well as a better knowledge of how our interaction with them determines how they respond to us. 

When we go back to Maui, (hopefully in the next 2-3 years) we will definitely do this again.

Chris & Bill Stuttig

We just returned from our magnificent trip to Maui! Wow! It was sure worth the wait.

We actually did get to spend the afternoon with Jillian and her horses. That was also magnificent! She was hindered by her injury but it did not hinder our experience. She was gracious, warm, and very knowledgeable. My husband and I had a truly amazing time with her and the horses. We have some terrific pictures to keep the memory fresh for us. The weather was beautiful, the sites were breathtaking, and the conversation was enlightening. 

I would recommend this equine experience to everyone. We did get more out of it than we expected. We did not get to ride as we originally thought (the coastal ride). Gillian did explain that you no longer offer that as we were not aware of that fact until we had arrived there that day. It did not take away from the experience though. It would have just been the cherry on the top if it were to actually be an option.

We thank you and your organization. It made our trip to Maui that much more special.

Karen K.

First of all, thank you very much for letting us know and introducing Jillian and The Maui Horse Whisperer Experience, she was just super and we really appreciate her great job while we were taking her lessons. As I mentioned already she was just a nice person and about her lessons, I don't know how to express her great jobs for us.  It was so easy to follow what she talked to us, even we were just beginners. And also we had enough time for questions and answers from time to time so we were very happy satisfied to take her lessons.

What she did for us was exactly what were expected and we do not have any complaints. When we go back to Maui, we definitely go back to Jillian's place again. Jillian is amazing and she knows how to teach from beginners and I am sure for the experts. We loved to watch one of her favorite horses called Drallion. That was very exciting.

Especially Jillian's way of talking was so easy to listen to because she is originally from Santa Cruz, California and I was in the Bay Area for 8 years when I was in college. And one of her employees, Greg is also from Palo Alto, California and he is just a hard worker and helps Jillian a lot. He is the same age
of our first daughter that is in Georgia Southern University right now. 

Thank you very much, Jillian. My wife, Kiyomi was so happy with you too.


Just returned home late this week. My daughter Ali and I really enjoyed our Horsewhisperer experience on Maui. Here are a few details.

Comments from Ali: I thought it was awsome! When I get a horse I will train her just like that, I heard about the language of equis several times in horse magazenes and it was really neat to accually speak it! It was an amaising experience! I would love to do it again!

Comments from Linda: I now feel that I have a framework for which to play with horses, an understanding of their communication cues. The experience left me with more interest in horses and a better sense of calm when I am around them.   I would definitely do another experience - maybe in Colorado next time and for the day?

Linda and Ali

Just a note of thanks for a superb, interesting program. We feel very fortunate to have experienced such an incredible opportunity with Merlin, Ladybug, and of course - Jillian. She obviously loves what she does and is a powerful teacher. We will be in Colorado in the next couple of weeks - if we get by Aspen, we would love to meet you .

Rick and Sheri Goddard

...the Horse Whisperer Experience was great!  It was better than I could have ever imagined. With Jillian's instruction, I actually communicated with Merlin in his own language.  Jillian was very patient and encouraging. I never would have believed that I could ask a horse to walk, canter, change direction and follow me with such subtle movements and he would respond! This was the coolest thing I've done since I've been in Hawaii.

Jane Beth H.

The day I spent at your ranch in Maui was a wonderful unforgettable experience. Craig Moore is a wonderful teacher and horseman. He worked very hard for hours teaching me about the Horse Whisperer Experience. One of Craig's best qualities was his gentle, sincere, patient, attitude with me as well as with the horses. Diane was also excellent on riding position and posture as well as taking many photographs for me. Diane took good care of me as an over weight, out of shape, inexperienced rider.

One of my favorite moments was watching the pretty young lady who feeds and grooms the horses. I could tell that the horses trust her completely and she has a deep love for them.
I got more than my money's worth and was delighted with the training and fun.

Don M.

The Maui Horse Whisperer Experience is like learning the Zen of Horses from a real master. The best program I have ever participated in.

Leonard R., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so much for providing and ideal container for folks to develop safe and appropriate relationships with horses and, in doing so, enhancing all other relationships in their lives.

Maria S., Menlo Park, CA

Thank you for entering me into the world of the beautiful, true and loyal. Your sensitivity and understanding of people and horses has allowed me to enrich my love for both.

Maria S., San Marino, CA