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Horse won't take the bit

(This email was a followup response to earlier correspondence not published on this web site.)

Hi Franklin,

How right you are! I had her checked, and teeth and bit are fine. It's the way I am forcing the bit at her that's the problem!! As you realized early on, attitude is everything!!! I am approaching her expecting/anticipating a problem and that appears to be what is going on here. Again a novice can ruin a good horse with their inexperience and intolerance. I definitely need some "Franklin class" time - and am just going to have to schedule it and go out there for it!!!

Franklin - thank you again - and the advise about having compassion and be
kind in thought and deed always helped another situation for mother-in-law. At least we talked and hung up on friendlier terms than usual! Horse sense translates to people sense, doesn't it?

My friend, I send you my best and a big hug for your advise and honesty in
dealing with Jynx!


Hi Rae,

Just a thought or two about your horse not wanting to take the bit. Have the horse’s teeth checked. Horses refuse a bit because it is unpleasant or hurting them somehow. You wouldn't want to put something on that hurt you either. Find someone really knowledgeable. A real professional. Someone who has a lot of experience as a trainer. Show that person how you are putting the headstall on the horse and let them watch everything. Then ask them for a solution. Without my being there it is hard to evaluate the total situation. Do not blame your horse or make him stubborn, stupid or bad. Do not think of bad names for him. If someone tried to make you wear something that hurt you, you wouldn't appreciate it if they took an attitude about you that you were stubborn, a bitch, or any other negative thing. You are merely hurting and looking for relief. This is what is happening for your horse. Have compassion and be kind in thought and deed always.

Aloha, Franklin

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