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National Show Horse with an Attitude?

My daughter is leasing a 9 year old National Show horse gelding we were thinking of buying. We have been leasing him for a month and she has spent 5 days a week with him, riding him 2 hours during the days that she has spent with him. On one occasion he seemed to pin his ears back and "charge" at her. The next day he was fine. More recently he bucked her off and became very "nippy". The previous owner said he likes to "nibble." We are trying to decide 1) if my daughter over does it by riding him too much when she's with him or 2) Does he have an attitude and not like her, or 3) Is this the "Arab" in his personality? He knows voice commands very well and is willing to do everything she asks when she is on his back (with the exception of his bucking one time) Can you offer any suggestions? I am about ready to give up on him and look for a mild quarter horse.
Thanks for your help, Wendy


Hi Kathy,

Go back to some of the basic ground training exercises. Get him used to moving forward at whatever speed you desire without being hitched up to a cart. Make it harder for him to be "lazy" by applying more pressure if he just is pokey. Keep things mellow when he is doing as you request. Ground drive him in a round pen with no cart. Have him walk, trot, canter while you are a ways away from him and by his flank (hip). This way you do not have to run around to keep up with him. You can actually stand in the middle of the ring and ground drive the pony. Tell me if you understand what I mean. If not I will explain it in more detail. But I know this will get him going easier and more responsively. Thanks for your questions and keep me posted.

Aloha, Franklin

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