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Horse puts his head on top of mine

I was wondering if there is any significance or meaning in this behavior. I have been to a barn several times where a friend boards her horse. There is a half tamed mustang that I am interested in buying from the owner (who has not taken very good care of him).

When I get there he comes to me and while I pet him, he keeps putting his head on top of mine, either holding it there or pushing down on my head. He does it every time so I wondered if it meant something in horse language. Is he claiming me? Telling me he is the boss?

I would appreciate any information you can give me.
Thank you,


Hi Lori,

Thanks for your question. I have a wonderful animal psychic friend named Amelia Kinkade. She would love your question also. Anyway, I think this horse is for you. I feel he is claiming you for himself and showing you horsy affection by his behavior. I see this kind of thing a lot because I allow horses to be affectionate with me.

Most humans stop Equine affection towards them because they immediately reach into the horse's head space and want to pet his nose or face as soon as the horse begins to show some affection by bringing its head to the human. We over input our horses with pats and rubs usually. We are so busy 'doing' the horse, the horse doesn't get the chance to 'do' us. Horses want to give to us like that horse was giving to you. Its physical affection (physical expressions of love or emotional attachment, whichever one wants to call it) plain and simple. Sounds like love at first sight for him. Please relax and receive this animal's overtures and efforts to bond and connect. You won't be sorry and will probably have the horse of your dreams. Let me know how it all goes.

Aloha, Franklin

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