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Lazy Horse

I just bought a four year old Quarter Horse mare. I don't think she was ridden a lot by her first owners. I have had her about two months and have been riding at least four times a week. I have trouble with her trotting but it has gotten better. We trot for about 30-45 minutes thinking that would get her into shape. I have now moved on to lunging her in a round pen and try to make her canter. She will not canter. She will do three strides and then trot like a maniac. I try to reward her by being really still when she canters but she always stops and I cannot get her going again. I do not want to resort to hitting her with the whip but that doesn't work either. What should I do?



Try getting something like a 'flag' to get her attention. Secure a plastic bag (like from a food market) to the end of a wand. Try using that to haze her around the round pen. You might also try having her on a lunge line. Some horses move off better on a lunge line tha at liberty. You are right to bring down the 'pressure' when she complies. I don't think you need to go to popping her with the whip. Make or get yourself a flag. Something that makes a bit of noise when you flap it. Let me know how it goes.

Sincerely, Franklin

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