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New Horse for 12 and 13 year olds

I am considering purchasing a 12 year old thoroughbred gelding for my two daughters. His current owner indicates that he is very gentle (stands still when washing, clipping and with walk behinds). We have visited this horse several times and he is a beauty. I have very little to no experience with horses but would love for my 12/13 year olds to have the opportunity to do so. He is so large and I am afraid I may be making a mistake or maybe I am just afraid of him. What is your advise?

Well, it’s not the size that matters, so to speak, it’s the temperament of the animal. Draft horses, which are huge, are really gentle giants. A thoroughbred is a hot blooded horse like Arabians might tend to be a bit more 'active'. A quarter horse or Morgan is a cold blooded horse and then tend to be calmer. The horses age (12) is good because perhaps he has settled down a bit. If he was raced much that could present a problem. If he never raced, but rather, was a school horse or hunter/jumper type that would be good. Horses are big and just their size is quite imposing. don't let the size bother you. This horse may be just fine for the children.

Did you say the horse was for your children to the former owner? You should tell that person and find out. Find someone around a bit like me who teaches horse along with riding. Ask around the barn for someone who teaches ground manners to horses in a gentle way and spend some time with that person and the horse (including your children). Riding horses is just a small part of the wonderful experiences to be gained from being in communication with and in relationship with horses.

Success with horses supports us being successful in life. Being with horses in a conscious and active, other than riding, way that requires we get present, focus, come with compassion and kindness, use our intuition correctly and demonstrate a Gandhi type of leadership. Some additional benefits are enhanced self-awareness and self-esteem, better cognitive skills, better communication skills, the ability to focus, enhanced relationship skills and more. Anyway, look for someone who teaches 'horse' and let me know how it all goes.

Sincerely, Franklin

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