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Lazy Carriage Pony

I have a 13 hand pony who I have been training as a carriage driving pony. He is 2-1/2 years old and has taken very well to driving. He is great around traffic, people and listens well to me in a new situation. My problem, he is lazy. I have problems making him trot or canter, he likes to walk. I have used the whip, but I don't like to do this to get him to increase speed. Cutter pulls a gig that was built and balanced for a 13 hand pony, he is just lazy, he has also started to stop when he thinks he has gone far enough. I am new at driving again, I have already won ribbons for his carriage driving, but this lazy thing has me almost at a stand still. I have to get him to change speeds at will in order to enter carriage driving shows. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Kathy


Hi Kathy,

Go back to some of the basic ground training exercises. Get him used to moving forward at whatever speed you desire without being hitched up to a cart. Make it harder for him to be "lazy" by applying more pressure if he just is pokey. Keep things mellow when he is doing as you request. Ground drive him in a round pen with no cart. Have him walk, trot, canter while you are a ways away from him and by his flank (hip). This way you do not have to run around to keep up with him. You can actually stand in the middle of the ring and ground drive the pony. Tell me if you understand what I mean. If not I will explain it in more detail. But I know this will get him going easier and more responsively. Thanks for your questions and keep me posted.

Aloha, Franklin

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