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Help with Penis Extension

Can you tell me how to get my horses penis out so I can wash it?

Hi There,

No one has asked me this question yet. You are the first. Actually, you don't need to have him extend his penis to clean his sheath. Take some mildly warm water with a gentle medicated soap like Pysoderm, mix it in a bucket or pan with a washcloth of some sort. Make certain you horse will allow you to touch his genitals. A horse can cow kick as well as a cow. Be careful and make certain the horse is OK with the handling. If your horse is not allowing you to touch his genitals, let me know and I will offer suggestions to deal with that. Take the warm soapy rag and put it over your hand and put it put iup nto his sheath. Most horses will let you clean up inside there w/o much resistance or fear. You might want to wear surgical gloves for the process. Once the 'ragged' hand is up there you can use the other hand to gently hold his penis as you clean around it. Warm soapy water will frequently prompt him to extend his penis, but grabbing it once it is down will prompt him to raise it right up again. If you expect to have his teeth floated soon, wait for the vet to be there and once the horse has been sedated you can easily clean his sheath. Sometimes gentle grooming and rubbing the horse will stimulate him to extend his penis also. If that happens, don't grab his penis, clean up into his sheath first and then attempt to clean the penis itself. You may pull out beads (small balls) of schmegma from up inside and around his sheath. This is a good thing as sometimes the balls get so big over time that they begin to irritate the horse. Schmegma is deposited from sweat, dirt and urine in the area and needs to be cleaned regularly. Make certain you rinse his sheath well with clean warm water to get all the soap off it.

Thank you for your question. I might add this is a process that is neglected much of the time as many folks are embarrassed to even discuss it as it applies to the genitals (even if its a horse). I hope I have been able to help. Please let me know how it goes.

Aloha, Franklin

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