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He doesn't want to lead by the bridle.

I have a new 12 year old QH gelding. The gal I purchased him from has worked with him ever since she bought him from a 'cowboy'. The first time I bridled him then grabbed a rein and tried to lead him he just stood there, put his head up and showed me teeth and white eyes. He didn't act panicked. Eventually he came forward, we stopped again and he wouldn't lead again. What is up with that? I checked his bridle for fit and the only thing I could see was that maybe it needed shortening as there wasn't really a crease. As this guy is too tall for me I have to get him to stand beside something to be mounted, he wouldn't do that either. HELP.

Hi Germaine,

Sounds like your boy needs a lesson in moving forward. Does he lead with a halter and lead on? If you have to pull him along that is no good. Do you know how to lunge a horse? Let me know. If you do I will tell you how to get him to move forward w/o pulling on him. If you don't, I suggest you learn how to lunge a horse. It will prove invaluable to you. As far as getting him to stand still when being mounted, I can help with that. Again it will depend on your ability to lunge him on a short line. If you can answer my questions, please, I shall be able to help you I am certain. Thanks for your question.

Aloha, Franklin


I have never lunged a horse although I am a quick learner and have seen it done.


Hi Germain,

Get yourself a lung line and begin the process. Have someone knowledgeable show you how. Then, after he lunges well, he should be a lot better about moving forward when asked. You could also get skilled and in the habit of driving him forward at the same time you lead him. This means you stand more by the horse's girth or mid-section and wave him forward with your right hand by his butt as you ask him to step forward with your left hand. Do you understand? Once you can lunge him on a long line and close in on a lead rope you can put him to work (moving around in tight circles around you) if he does not do what is requested. This way you make the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard. Lunging is a basic ground handling skill and one you need to practice. Your horse will appreciate this, I promise. As far as him standing still by a block or something you can mount him from, your ability to send the horse around you on a short line will give you something to have him do when he moves around. Direct his energy around you for a few rotations. Do not try to restrain him, simply direct his energy around you in both directions three or four times. Then offer him a rest by saying Whoa! Then try to mount him again. If he moves around, send him around in the circles again. This works. It puts the horse to work when he doesn't do as you request.

I hope these suggestions help. Keep me posted.

Aloha, Franklin

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