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Is this the right2 horse for me?

Hello Dianne,

Thank you for caring enough to seek assistance in an area you have no experience in. Well, consider this; you have acquired a baby. Who would be the better parent for this child; a person who had a lot of experience as a parent and brought up a lot of well adjusted kids or someone who has no experience with children? This is the situation you are in. You have purchased a horse baby and know nothing about horse babies. I really want you to look at this fact and understand that unless you are able and willing to put in a lot of time and good money in training this horse, which you do not know how to do, you are doing a great dis-service to this most innocent of animals. For me to give you training techniques would not be a good idea as you have no basis for understanding them and might cause you and your horse harm if done incorrectly. DO NOT HIT THIS HORSE IT WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE AND THIS IS STRAIGHT OUT ABUSE! You friend knows nothing about horses.

I know this is not what you wanted to hear but you should have a mature (at least 6 years old) horse who is well trained already and bomb proof. Your first experience with horses will then be safe, fun, pleasant and filled with joy and wonder. As it is now you have years to go before you can do anything with this untrained baby. You will have to hire a trainer (maybe you'll find a good one and maybe not and you will not know the difference until you try to do something with the horse) to get your baby going and you will not be able to ride this horse for years. Please consider you have made an emotional buy that is not in the best interest of any of the parties involved, yours or the horse's. I wouldn't call you crazy, just impulsive. Please consider finding this horse an appropriate owner and for yourself an appropriate horse for your experience level. You will fall in love again, I promise..........

Sincerely, Franklin

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