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I am 14 years old and love horses. I have always seemed to be able to calm horses down or relieve them or some type of strain (mental). I have recently thought of perhaps taken up horse therapy/whispering as a pastime/job. Could you give me any advice on what qualifications I would need in order to fulfill this? Also how did you get into it?

Thank you for your time,

Hi Lizzie,

You sound a bit like me when I was your age. I seemed to have a 'way' with horses. They would be calm down with me and appeared to be happier when I was with them. I didn't understand it then, but I do now. When we are young, we empathize with the animals more readily. By this I mean, we feel their distress and only want to comfort them to help them to relax and feel better. We have no 'agenda' or task we are pushing the animal to do for us. We look to offer to the horse as opposed to having what we want from the horse be our goal. We are more inclined to give to the animal than to look to take. Horses sense this quickly and dramatically. This is what makes you so attractive to horses. This is the heart of what I teach. Offer a sense of safety to the horse. Make him feel he is safe with you, kind of like how your parents have the wish to have you feel safe. This develops confidence in horses as well as humans. As horses are 'prey' animals (other animals eat them for dinner), they are naturally fearful and look for their leaders to provide a sense of well being and safety for them by being 'great parents'. I want to encourage to adopt all horses as your kids sort of. I mean, have their sense of well being and safety be your immediate goal. Encourage others to understand this about horses and to do the same.

You have the most basic and fundamental qualifications to do this right now. These are your open heart, caring and desire to help the horse. Keep these as your bottom line goal and I promise you a wonderful life with horses. What you need additionally is experience. Look to be with trainers and horse people who are gentle and have the horse's well-being as their fundamental goal. Thank you for you lovely email. I am available to offer help always.

Aloha, Franklin

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