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Opening Ceremonies Suggestions

I have recently joined a new riding club in my area. We are searching for some formation ideas for opening ceremonies at rodeos. Could you possibly give me some suggestions where to look. Any help will be appreciated.
Regulator Riding Club of Butler, Texas


Opening ceremonies for Equine events usually have a parade of some sort of all the horses and human participants. This is frequently accompanied by music. Sometimes the riders carry flags (horses need to be accustomed to carrying flags). The riders may also ride in a formation and execute a riding pattern to the music. But, even just circling the arena might be enough. The announcer says a few words welcoming everyone, something about the new club and about what will happen on that day or for the duration of the event. A blessing of the club, the event at the end is a nice thing to do. Someone could write that up. These opening ceremonies are generally not too long as the event itself is the main show.

I hope this is of some help. Have a wonderful event.......

Aloha, Franklin

Look for: