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Training to Jump (purchasing a younger horse)

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Pinto filly that's almost 9 months now. She hasn't had any training but she comes when she's called, and loves to be groomed. How do I start training her for jumping?

P.S. I would get an older horse but I fell in love with her and her blue eyes, lol!


Hi Benty,

I know how 'love at first sight can be'. I have been there. However, are you prepared to wait 5 or 6 years before you will be able to really jump or even ride this horse a lot? Do you have the expertise, time, patience, money and commitment to bring up this baby professionally and appropriately before you get to jump this horse?

If you are not a professional trainer, please consider yourself as a youngster yourself. Who would you rather see bring up a baby; a knowledgeable, committed parent or another child? I cannot begin tell you how many awful experiences I know of with folks who fell in love with a young horse, thought they would grow up together with the horse, only to find out they lacked the skill and time involved to properly raise and train a young horse and bring it into maturity. A mature horse is a minimum of six years old. They are still considered a bit 'green' until they are 8 or so.

Please, please, please, DO NOT make an emotional buy here. Get yourself a wonderfully trained, beautiful, come when you call, get on and ride and jump, bomb proof horse. You will no doubt pay more for this horse. It will be so worth the extra money you won't believe it. You are at a cross roads here. One way will take you down a road filled with danger, obstacles, frustration, unfairness to the horse, more expense than you can ever imagine, incredible unknown hazards and more problems than you could ever dream of. The other road will cost a bit of money initially, but will be rewarding, much safer, have you riding and jumping almost immediately and be so fulfilling that you will thank me for this advise for the rest of your life.

But don't take my word for it. Ask any professional trainer.

Aloha, Franklin Levinson

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