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Companion Animals for Horses

I had 6 horses at one time for about 6 years. I am down to one now (just recently) and he is very lonely. I have been told to get a goat, that they cannot tell the difference between each other and he will be happy with the company. Is this true and would a pygmy goat work? In desperate search of an answer!!

Thanks so much!! Rhonda


Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for your question. There is no sadder thing than a lonely horse.

They really want companionship desperately. Many high level horses are given 'pets' or companion animals to help them not feel alone. They do know if it is a horse or not, but they will keep company with a variety of other animals and be happy. Please give them the credit for knowing the difference between a goat and another horse. It is ignorance to think horses are that stupid. Why a pigmy goat? How about a full sized goat? Size doesn't always matter, it’s whether the companion animal has enough 'presence' or not for the horse. Like with humans, we can be around someone who just doesn't give us any energy or ‘juice’. Then someone else has the presence and we get all sorts of energy from them. Goats, burros and sometimes even a pig can work. Other animals have been used for companion animals for horses also. Try one out. If your horse feels better fine. If he doesn't, perhaps try another. Thank you for caring enough to not want a lonely horse.

Sincerely, Franklin

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