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What is a 'Neck Rope'?

I read articles about riding with a neck rope but do not know what they are referring to...can you help?
Barbara, B. Anchorage, AK

Hi Barbara,

A neck rope is simply that, a rope (continuous loop) that goes around the horses neck, 3-5 feet in diameter.

Neck ropes are used in riding horses bridle-less, which is something I teach. Occasionally, a neck rope is referring to a rope tied under the throat latch of a horse to help lead him. But, this is not the most common reference. Bridle-less riding is the ultimate freedom for horse and rider together. The horse has become a willing partner in the riding dance, under saddle or bareback (pad). Most folks really can't get that great riding or any great horsemanship is about the willingness of the horse to join with the human by choice. We tend to think we have to control the horse and 'show him who's boss'. This is incorrect and erroneous thinking. I teach methods to form a relationship with horses based on mutual trust, respect and freedom of choice for the horse. As with any great relationship, being in the relationship has to be by our free choice, without controlling our partners. It is the same with relationships with horses.

My schedule takes me into Alberta, Canada this summer. Is there a chance any folks in your area might be interested in the methods I teach with horses? Please let me know if you think there is. May Blessings to you in the New Year. Please let me know if I can be of furthur assistance.

Aloha, Franklin Levinson

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