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My Nippy Horse

Hi Franklin,
Do you think That Sinco the Nippy horse is too much for an 11 year old? He bucked me off and then bit my butt and now I have a bruise mark that is shaped like a mouth with a lot of teeth I think he is trying to be the leader and be in charge of me. I lunged him today and he was nice. I had a very nice teacher with me and she has knows Sinco. I like him a lot. He is nice but Nippy and I want him to stop that. Can you help? Franklin, I do need your help cause I don't want him to be a mean biting horse and then he starts all these other bad habits and I don't want that right now or ever. So can you help me PLEASE.

THX, Bye. Mandy


Hi Mandy,

So many folks I have met have gotten horses that are way too much for them. Then they have bad experiences with the horse. Then they start calling their horses mean and nasty and think bad thoughts about them. Your horse is not mean or bad. What he is, is fearful that there is no leader around and thinks he needs to take control of everything. This is why he is getting nippy. Your horse needs a confident, strong, leader. Not an abusive or mean leader, but one who knows the horse’s language well and can led your horse with the right kind of 'strength'. It is not hard to get a horse over being nippy. It is a very common problem. But there has to be someone handling the horse who knows these horse leadership skills. Most people do not know these skills and hire people like me to train their horses and them so they can lead the horse properly. Another option is to get a horse that is calmer than the one you have now. Getting an older, more mellow, experienced and well socialized horse will allow you to grow and mature with a horse that is not as fearful as the horse you currently have. Please show this to your Mom. Let her consider the possibility of another horse for you, one without these problems. Please understand that any horse will begin to get nippy or show other negative behavior if it is being handled incorrectly. All horses need good leadership to be confident and comfortable in their home. There is so much more to horses than riding them. Riding should be the last thing done with the horse. The ground work is where your relationship with any horse really begins and grows.

Anyway, I am free to travel and teach these skills if your family thinks that my coming there is a good idea. Again, show this to Mom and perhaps this option may come to happen. Again, consider the possibility of another horse for you. It would be great if you could get some training yourself from someone who understands the language of horses and can help you learn it. Please remember your safety is most important. Be careful! Blessings to you and your family. Keep me posted.

Happy Horses, Franklin

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