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The ‘Horse Whisperer’
Training and management of horses

By Thanos Kapsalis
‘Public Opinion’
Syros, Greece - May 5, 2004

horsemanship greeceA true ‘horse whisperer’ is at the moment present in Galissa, Syros.

This is about the world acclaimed Franklin Levinson, a breeder and trainer of horses, who, after an invitation by Mrs. Candio Voutsinou, crossed the Atlantic in order to share his knowledge with all interested horse-lovers, in a three-day clinic taking place in Galissa, in an area kindly provided by the hostess.

It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that such a seminar is conducted in Greece, covering all issues regarding training and managing the horse.

Mr. Levinson captivated the audience ( who came from all over Greece to participate in the seminar) by  ‘approaching and communicating’ with horses that had aggressive and sometimes even violent attitude, horses that in some cases made their own owners cautious and afraid. In the same time he commented on many issues put forth by participants regarding horse behavior, emphasizing the need to build a relationship based on trust between the horse and the owner/rider, a relationship build only through patience, consistency, love and care.

He also mentioned that horses are creatures that are guided by intuition, a character streak that plays an important role in their relationship with humans.

Observing the way Franklin Levinson is moving between mostly untamed horses, one could understand that this person is gifted. This was also stated by the hostess, Mrs. Voutsinou (owner of 11 horses) who talked about Franklin Levinson as being a truly unique individual. He is presently based in Hawaii and Colorado, where his breeding farm is (Arabians, Quarter horses, Paint horses and Appaloosas). Mr. Levinson’s experience of 40 years with horses is the key of the direct relationship and communication he shares with them. He has also been the youngest horse polo player in the USA while still at the age of thirteen .

In our question whether she would endeavor to host in the future a similar seminar, Mrs. Voutsinou replied that : ‘ the response from the participants was so warm that I feel inspired to make a similar effort in the future. I understood from the way people reacted that my own effort as well as that of my partner, Vangelis Vakondios, were put to a good cause, which is to create a better place for horses and those who care about them.’

Mrs. Voutsinou also added that she would be available to whoever will require assistance or guidance in caring and training for their horses.

She also commented that most people attending the seminar, came to Syros after being informed for the seminar through the monthly national magazine “ Horse, sport and show”, that also covered the event with an exclusive reporter.

Local residents of the Syros island were informed through the local newspaper ‘Public Opinion’ as well as through the local TV station “Aegean TV”.

Mrs. Voutsinou noted her gratitude toward the municipalities of Ano Syros and Posidonia, for their support and cooperation in materializing the seminar, which will be continuing through the rest of today, while on Saturday there will be a daily session for those who could not make it to the weekday seminar.