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Abused Colt Gets Help

By Sharon Roper,
Rose O'Sharon Arabians

I just wanted to share with you all a wonderful success story. A couple of years ago Martha Grimes adopted 3 rescue horses. One was a 3 year old purebred Arabian who was part of a herd taken by the Humane Society for neglect and possible abuse. He was terrified of everything, skin and bones. It was hard to tell that he was going to be a really pretty and lovely acting individual, but Martha took him and started getting him back in shape, then asked Franklin Levinson to work with him.

At the beginning Franklin could hardly approach this scared colt, but over time and gaining trust, Franklin was able to begin handling him quietly and with respect. A year later, Franklin and Martha brought him to Grand Junction for one of our clinics we do with Franklin, and he again worked with him that weekend, getting him going quietly under saddle. I acquired Amiir from Martha and continued to do groundwork, some ponying out on the trail and some arena saddle work.

This winter, I decided it was time to let Amiir do a trail ride being ridden. We went out with two other horses and riders to give him confidence. Well, he needed no assistance from the other horses, but instead led the ride from beginning to end. He never faltered, would look intently at new objects, then walk on with great courage. He was a pleasure and a joy to ride out, stayed quiet and happy. We were so impressed and pleased. What a sweetheart, and to think that he would have been a candidate for either the killers or abuse in the wrong environment!

My huge thank you to my friends, Martha Grimes and Franklin Levinson, who take their work with horses to mean "training through trust". We now have a great trail horse and lovely equine partner.

Sincerely, Sharon Roper
Rose O'Sharon Arabians
Grand Junction, CO