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Remarkable Arabian

By Mary

Dear Franklin,

Have just found your site and it is refreshing to read about other people having a deeper appreciation of the true nature of our equine friends.

CadeI would like to tell you about Cade, an Arabian that has lived as part of our family for 13 years, as I think he is truly remarkable.

Cade was purchased as a weanling to be a breeding stallion. As a two year old he was given an experienced quiet mare to live with and learn about being a well mannered stud. He proved to be gentle, affectionate and generous.

It was during Nadarra's pregnancy that we started to notice behaviour that is outside the norm. Cade would nuzzle Nadarra's belly and nicker softly to the unborn foal. He would often be seen "kissing" his mare and leaning his head on her back with a large sigh, closing his eyes and gently rocking her.

When their filly foal was born Cade made the same nicker that the mare makes to her new babe. He was as affectionate with the foal as he was with her dam.

Tragically, unknown to us, both parents carried CID and after 6 months the filly died from pneumonia. Both parents went through a period of depression and the decision was made to geld him.

Cade continues to be almost a healing spirit on our farm. If ever we have a horse, human or other animal that is not well Cade will stay with them until they have recovered, even to the point of having to cart feed and water to him as he will not leave their side.

I have never known another horse to behave in this manner. When my parents passed away I would go into his paddock and just hang out with him, he would walk up to me, rest his head on mine for a while and then just gently hold my fingers or sleeve in his mouth. I know without a shadow of doubt that this horse does actually love me and that is the most humbling experience.

I have enclosed a photo of him and would love to know if anyone else has had a horse like this.