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My niece the horse whisperer and a blind horse

Author Anonymous

She will be 16 in June of this year and has been riding (dressage) for several years at a stable near her home. Just for the sheer pleasure, she exercises a horse for a lady in Toronto (several hours drive away) who can't manage to get to see her horse more than a few times a year. Whenever she saddles it up the staff at the stables and whoever else is around, gather around the ring to watch her work and jump this horse.

The catch is that the horse is blind. The trust that this horse has for this teenager is something to behold. They know each others heartbeat and thoughts it seems. When Lindsay walks this horse anywhere it follows behind over her shoulder and one day my niece Angela, (Lindsay's mom), noticed that just a whisker of the horse's snout was touching the girl's shoulder. That is all of the connection it needs to know it is safe. I am having some pictures forwarded of the two in action, but the family is in the midst of relocating to a new town (no easy feat with four growing kids). Lindsay and the horse will miss each other terribly when she moves.

A bit of divine intervention though....... when they found out they were relocating Lindsay began researching stables and instructors so she could continue with her passion for riding. They decided on one that felt right and then afterwards bought a new house, only to discover that it was right next door to the stables. Spirit had a hand in that one, I think. I know where Lindsay will be spending all of her free time.