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First Pan-Hellenic Horse Owners Seminar

as published in the Greek National Horse Magazine

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For the first time in Greek equestrian history a seminar targeting to bring together horse owners from the athletic, racing and leisure riding communities is being organized for May 2005.

Pivotal role in the seminar plays one of the most successful of US horse whisperers, Franklin Levinson. Franklin, whom we've met in a seminar he gave in Syros on May 2004, is a charismatic personality.

Literary growing up with horses, he had a father who was a passionate polo player and he became himself at age 13 the youngest registered polo player in US. At 18 he was already a polo coach and for many years ran summer horse camps. He soon found out he could speak fluent “horse” language‚ in such a way that horses trusted him as one of their own.

He goes on to create riding centers in Colorado and Hawaii (where he gets the nickname Maui Horse Whisperer) and teaches his skill in seminars around the world. His system is based on the development of trust between rider and horse and he will show exactly that at the 3-day seminar in May.

Watching Franklin's seminars goes beyond any of us has seen before, becoming a philosophy and way-of-life, in a new form of communication with horses. Those who have participated in his seminars before, talk about a magical transformation of simple horsemanship to a transcendental experience.

During the seminar and for a few days after, Franklin will avail himself to help owners with specific problems in attitude, aggressiveness etc. If you happen to experience such problems with your horse, Franklin's way will amaze you.

During the seminar there will be a series of lectures by specialists on subjects such as feeding, health, stabling, riding, etc.