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“IN HORSE HARMONY” Connects with Franklin Levinson

By Debra Gehrke

Every horses best friendHi, I’m Debra Gehrke, host of IN HORSE HARMONY’s podcast... an internet broadcast where the primary focus is creating media around sharing people's stories on their experience with the horse/human connection as well as important tips and how-to's that support the partnerships we all desire to create. We post new episodes each week.

Our interviews are fun, inspirational, practical and always insightful; filled with heart. I love interviewing, actually bringing an ease of every day conversation to the element, allowing the truest essence of the individual to shine through. Interviewing Franklin is always fun, light-hearted and filled with wisdom attained purely through Franklin’s natural passion and love of horses. Franklin’s uncanny ability to help us relate to our equine friends in a grounded, peaceful way comes through as we listen to his tried and true methods, all based on deepening in our understanding of the way of the horse. Franklin’s approach draws on the foundation of creating inner calm within ourselves in order that our horse’s feel safe...out of response to our own sense of peaceful assertiveness.

When interviewing with Franklin the common denominator is always the same, deep and lasting relationships are built on trust, respect and unconditional love. From my perspective this creates a solid foundation for all of life in addition to our connections with our horse companions. Franklin is direct, honest and trustworthy. His desire to help others become more compassionate leaders bubbles through as he shares his experiences and stories of living and understanding the language of the horse.

We appreciate Franklin and the wisdom he shares with us at IN HORSE HARMONY. We acknowledge his contribution and the example he sets for the horse community.

Franklin is truly an equine companion and a dear friend of ours! I’d love to share more about IN HORSE HARMONY and what led me along this path of creation. First and foremost IN HORSE HARMONY is the horses themselves. It is our greatest desire that the HERD be…HEARD. In order to do that to the greatest ability is as humanly possible my husband Mark and I lead the dance of In Horse Harmony; bringing the voice of the herd to you.

My passion for horses and the horse/human connection stimulated a desire to create In Horse Harmony–a place where I could share my love in the many horse tales, short videos, photos and inspirational/informative interviews that one finds there. I’ve had a lifelong love of horses and a deep connection to the animal kingdom. Although my youth did not allow for time and opportunity to be in the horse world, I’m making up for all of that now. As I deepen in my relationship with horses I realize their amazing potential to shift human consciousness in as little as a blink of an eye…or the switch of a tail.

I am especially captivated by the horse’s behavioral qualities, their inter-relationships within the herd and what it truly means to understand horses…from the horse’s perspective.

Mark supports me on the ever important technological side of things, utilizing his gifts as a visionary thinker, creatively marketing and designing this new form of media with genuine integrity, thought and care. Mark also brings a deeper understanding of horses to humans, and in turn a greater appreciation of the connectedness of all life, through his amazing photography and poetry that he shares on the site from time to time.

It is our desire and intention to offer heartfelt, relevant information in the arena of the horse/human connection, featuring guest interviews of people who share our passion for our equine friends. These interviews with many trusted equine teachers, coaches and friends focus on wisdom gained over years of experience when dancing the dance of partnership with horses.
We both believe in living from the heart, being in tune with our passions, having a keen awareness of nature’s harmony, and following our bliss. In Horse Harmony is an expression of these beliefs and we are both honored and filled with gratitude for your interest in our sharing.

This is what we’re about...

In Horse Harmony is dedicated to the expression of the Horse/Human connection. We strive to see and value Horses for their inherent wisdom, strength and beauty and for their ability to teach us the way of the horse. In Horse Harmony offers a space to discover the Horse Spirit and the Wisdom of the Horse and how that relates and integrates with humanity as individuals and as a collective whole as we strive to evolve into the fullness of our growing and expanding consciousness…one breath…one moment at a time. In Horse Harmony listens to the lessons Horse has to share, lessons of compassion & love, trust & respect, calm & inner peace…and share these lessons with all of humanity. We believe it is our responsibility to help humanity come to a deeper understanding of who they are with the willing assistance of our equine friends. We offer stories, or Horse Tales if you will, that will inspire, motivate and capture the essence of what it is to be in partnership with Horse. We believe that like the Horse our senses can be attuned and stimulated to create a greater awareness of all that is around us and within us. In Horse Harmony gives us a space to share this growing awareness.

Our focus will always be in honor of the true nature of Horse and what it means to be in relationship, better still–partnership, with the Horse.

Be sure to visit the website at: www.inhorseharmony.com to listen to Franklin share his stories and experiences along the path to discovering the “way of the horse”. (Once at the site, just enter Franklin Levinson in the search bar, or click on our podcast page to see a list of episodes with Franklin.)

Wes Johnson is a former U.S. diplomat who rides at Varibopi Riding School in Athens.